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Laffy Taffy and Candy as heating foods

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    Hi there,

    Laffy Taffy and Pull n’ Peel twizzlers warm me up like nothing other. They each have about 2 grams of PUFA per 100-150 calorie serving, but I’m eating like 3-4 servings a day. Could this be a problem?

    I ask because my sleep still ain’t the best, and though I may have finally peaked at 65 pounds in weight gain, I have yet to experience the wonderful certainty that I am finally getting better. I’m certainly not losing weight at this point. I have weeks of warmth and sweatiness followed by weeks of fatigue, extreme hunger, worse sleep, and little to keep me hopeful. I’ve been doing this for six months and I have only had one night where I slept all the way through. So at this point, I don’t want to make sure I’m not making any mistakes.

    If this amount of PUFA does seem risky to ya’ll, anyone have any convenient alternatives? I need something chewy and sweet, and unfortunately my digestive problems have made dates an absolute no go.



    Matt and others have made it clear that eating pufas while recovering is ok. I had gotten to the point of avoiding them as much as possible, but since I am trying to recover a good metabolism I am eating more junk in the process. Once I am recovered ( I almost wrote “if” but need to stay positive about recovering) I can cut it out more. If the candy is working for you then I wouldn’t worry.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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