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Is it too late for me?

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    I have been at this a good year and all I have been able to do is raise my temp to 97.7 from 96.7. When I started I thought I would be able to accomplish this in less than a year from reading cheeseslave’s blog. I am 58 yrs old and am wondering if there is anyone my age and up having success with this.
    I had a consultation with Matt & he did mention that it is harder for my age group to get there. It doesn’t matter what I eat, my temps don’t stay up during the day. He recommended more carbs & sugar. That didn’t make any difference. I still have cold hands. My 2nd consult with him & he suggested I try a thyroid supp. I don’t know what to try. Nothing really seems to work for me so either I’m too old or I haven’t found the right supplement. I don’t want to give up. Also, I feel I need to eat all day to keep my temps up. Who does that?

    The Real Amy

    Linda, it’s not just about the food, which is where I think some people get stuck. Maybe you need to address stress more effectively, or sleep, or long-standing emotional stressors? Stress does just as much damage as a bad diet, if not even more. Not sure what you’ve tried already.


    Amy, after all this time I have to agree with you. I think I have done everything I can when it comes to food. I thought I might have a deficiency in something & need a supplement. I would go to my dr for blood workup, but I can’t stand them. They stress me badly so right now it’s not worth it for me to go. Also, I’m not convince they do the right tests & read them correctly. Last time I went through the hassle of seeing them for the tests, 2 yrs ago, they said everything was fine except my cholesterol. Big surprise! They wanted me to go on a lowfat, low cholesterol diet and take statins. I had already done the diet, which I think messed up my metabolism & I will never go on statins so that was the end of that. Then I went to a holistic dr. She recommended supplements for thyroid, adrenal, & potassium plus a few other things. I hate taking so many things at once. I did get a thyroid & adrenal supplement, also potassium & took them for a couple months till I got sick of swallowing pills. I really didn’t feel any different so I don’t know If I needed to stay on them longer or they just didn’t work.

    I know stress hurts me & don’t deal with it well. I tried EFT, I think it’s called? I don’t get how it works, but I know when I say “I totally & completely accept myself” I really don’t. I can’t make myself believe it so that is probably why it doesn’t work for me. It isn’t just the weight, which isn’t terribly terribly awful, I really want to be healthy. At my age you worry that you are going downhill & I want to beat the odds.


    Linda, I get what you are saying about trying to accept yourself and not really buying it lol. What works for me is to say sth like I accept that I don’t accept and love everything about myself. Because only the truth works.
    I really like this book that Real Amy recommended on another thread. Hope and help for your nerves by Claire Weekes.I think, that addressing stress is the first thing in order in combination with solid whole food meals and drinking less, before trying to eat huge quantities of food. Because if you are still a very anxious person, the food you eat, is likely going to turn into fat and it’s an upstream battle. This might not be true for someone with an eating disorder or who severely restricted carbs..They might really need to stuff themselves. But then I’m also still trying to figure it out. But I know that I have a lot of fearful thoughts that cause me to feel slight pressure a lot of the time. That affects hormones?But eating up and adding maple syrup to my breakfast and having a couple of scoops of full fat ice cream after a lunch of sweet potato, fish and coconut oil, salt with everything etc seems to be a big step in recovering the adrenals. I’ve come a long way and used to also take supplements for adrenal. Urgh, how I hated spending the money and seeing no results. I’m much calmer now and have had my period back this whole last year. But when I really eat all the way eat for heat like I did the last 2 months I gain lots of weight. And I think that i need to address the stress attitude before doing that.

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