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    When my husband and I are feeling too lazy to cook (or it’s too hot to turn the oven on) we have been making english muffin pizzas on the grill. Super easy and tasty. We need to figure out a way to prevent the cheese from dripping off, though.

    What do you guys eat when you’re feeling lazy?


    I love English muffin pizzas! Didn’t think to do them on the grill though – bet that was good!

    I felt lazy today mostly because the heat index is over 100! I made some fried rice – I used medium grain rice (I like how it’s chewy) and I used carrot, onion, and one scrambled egg, fried the whole thing in coconut oil and really poured on the soy sauce. IT WAS SO GOOD. If I wasn’t so stuffed I’d have another bowl! I usually have the ingredients for this on hand and it makes me wonder why I haven’t made it in so long! (The coconut oil made the chewy rice nice and oily and slightly crisp from the hot pan – YUM!)

    Matt Stone

    Pretty much breakfast cereal and more breakfast cereal. It always treats me pretty well, has always been enjoyable, and is cheap and easy.


    We cook up a pound of ground beef, broken into small pieces, in the fridge or freezer, also grated cheddar cheese. Add whatever bread and salad or other produce, and you can call it a meal. I also make a batch weekly of potatoes and onions cooked in coconut oil. They reheat easily.


    Lazy meals, open a can of black beans, put about 1/2 cup of beans
    on top of corn tortilla chips, add a large spoon of cottage
    cheese and, complete the dish with salsa. This is fast and, filling.
    Yes, there is PUFA in there. Too, the beans aren’t considered great
    for increasing your metabolism. Yet, the cottage cheese does have
    sat fat and, protein. :)


    Love me some eggs in the basket. Start to finish, done in ten minutes. Throw in some jucie or dried fruit, and cook in a touch of coconut oil, and you got all your S’s right there.


    I’m there on the cereal. We used to never have cold cereal to the point my kids considered it a treat. Now we eat it daily!


    I sometimes keep white rice in the rice cooker, and then I can just throw some grilled chicken strips or tuna on top for a quick meal.

    I also like cereal (honey nut cheerios!), fruit, or a turkey sandwich.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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