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What liquids are people drinking?

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    Was just curious as to what people are drinking with meals. I dont drink too much for the time being but i need some sort of complimentary drink with my meals. Just wondering what would maybe be the best option for someone just in early days of their reefeeding? energy drinks? sweetened & salted milk? salted fruit juice? any other recommendations?


    Leakage of anchovy, near my place there is the best in the world, on the amalfitan coast in Cetara. Ahahaha I’m joking, xD I think that milk and soft drink are good choices, if these don’t make you more thisty. Now I’m drinking water under matt’s advice, and I think that water make me more easy to control fluid. Soft drink in particularly make me more thirsty and they make me drink beyond my physiologic thirst. I drink some soft drink, but mostly water. :-)


    Martin86, when I first started refeeding I drank coconut water, raw whole milk with chocolate syrup, milky milk shakes, cranberry juice mixed with sparkling water, and lemonade. I had small sips of these with meals and without if I was really thirsty. I still drink those drinks and have a little bit of water too.

    Patch87, that’s really interesting about the other drinks making you more thirsty. I think that might be true for me recently or maybe I’m just hotter and thirstier.

    Steven e

    Plain water seems to make me more thirsty than drinks with sugar/salt/fat. I also seem to digest much better if I don’t drink plain water with food. It seems like I can drink caloric drinks with food and get away with it much better. I’ve been experimenting with making small beers, which just means lightly fermented drinks. Ginger seems to be the best. Some lemon peel, grated ginger and a good dose of sugar or honey, or both. I sprinkle a little yeast in and let it ferment till it’s good and fizzy before putting in the fridge with the lid on tight to keep the CO2 dissolved in the liquid. It’s very refreshing and the bubbles are nice. I also do juice and soda. I like the blue sky organic orange soda, but I can’t afford to drink as much pre-fab sweet beverages as I want to, so I have to DIY. I would drink way more milk, but it causes me some discomfort, so I have to minimize it. Otherwise, I could probably drink 1/2 gallon a day easy.

    The other thing I do is I try to rehydrate before meals, so that I’m hydrated, but my stomach is empty. That’s just to help with digestion though. Whatever I drink with meals, I can’t drink very much, not lately anyway. Hoping to get over that.


    I alternate my drinks depending on the meal and what I feel like. Usually it’s either milk or water. I have a cup of coffee about 3-4 days a week. Sometimes cranberry juice. Every now and then, a soft drink or some other sweet drink. I broke myself of the habit of drinking large amounts of fluids with meals some time ago. Lately herbal or chai tea has been sounding good.

    Steven, that ginger beer sounds delicious. Ginger is really good for both digestion and inflammation.


    Steven, that DIY soda sounds good! How long does it take to ferment before putting it in the fridge?


    Yesterday I discovered that some pinch of salt in the water doesn’t ruin the flavour of it. :D


    For a while I often drank nothing with meals or a little milk. These days I drink tea or orange juice. I just loooove OJ. And I don’t want fresh squeezed. I want the stuff from the store, the cheap stuff tastes best to me, Hiland. Maybe I want store bought because its cooked. I find it oddly filling. Like sometimes I’m hungry and think I’m going to have to eat a lot and hen I drink some juice and I’m full.

    Otherwise I’m drinking quite a bit of water now because im in the heat a lot and my temps are staying up nicely. Woke up with a 97.8 underarm basal temp this morning.


    I’ve been drinking OJ a good bit recently, as well as cane sugar soft drinks. Since it’s so warm here, I’m needing many more fluids to rehydrate.

    I’ve started experimenting with more water, since it’s so damn hot I don’t worry about getting washed out and cold like it would do to me months ago. I also think, like @patch87, that I can drink beyond physiological thirst when I’m constantly sipping OJ or root beer.

    We’ll see how this all goes, incorporating primarily solid calories, with some milk, juice, etc. at meals.

    I’d also like to get back in the habit of making kombucha and homemade ginger ale. Those are awesome.


    When I’m eating to max out my calories, I get most of my sugar from drinks: gatorade, juice, caffeine-free soda (HFCS is fine, IMO), beer (sometimes NA beer), and even plain old kool-aid. I don’t drink much milk, but I did make a chocolate milk today (from skim milk) to drink with my PBJ sandwiches.

    Strangely, I find that I digest starch better when I have a sugary drink along with it, and I feel a little shaky if I have sugar without starch. Cheese pizza with a soda may be the perfect meal. :)

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