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List of Anti S foods that help raise the metabolism?

Blog Forums Raising Metabolism List of Anti S foods that help raise the metabolism?

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    I’ve been trying to raise my temps with some high calorie foods like ice cream and I’ve been having no success. My temperature is usually around 97.0. I have a wheat allergy that makes me break out in a horrible rash, so what other foods can I eat that will help bring up my temperatures?


    I sort of have a similar problem. The foods that used to bring my temps up to 98.6 or higher only come up to 98.0 – 98.1. What’s up with that? I had 2 sourdough waffles for breakfast with butter & honey and crammed down a banana cooked on the stove in butter & sugar. 98.0! Sorry to take away from your question, AdelaidexLyn.

    I wanted to suggest pancakes, toast & stuff like that but saw your wheat allergy. How about potatoes with butter & salt? Not that you want to eat just that all day long everyday. I am sure others will come on with suggestions.


    Rice crackers and cheese? Rice noodles with cheese or in a super salty broth with meat? GF pizza? Mashed potatoes made with cream, sour cream, or butter and cheese? Cheesy rice with tomato sauce? Cheese quesadillas on corn tortillas? Cornmeal porridge with butter/cream and honey/maple syrup? Rice pudding?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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