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Long flights = junk food triumph

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    One thing healthy living bloggers love to post about is eating healthy at the airport and packing a personal arsenal of protein bars for when you are at the airport. Personally I can’t think of any worse time than before you board a plane than to eat a bunch of stuff that will make you gassy like salads or bars filled with fiber or maltitol.

    I decided to stop obsessing over “eating healthy” at the airport and went HAM just buying junk at the airport bar on one trip and then getting a Big Mac and fries on the way back.

    The result is I was able to take two cross country flights in economy class without much upset and without hunger or crankiness. I fully attribute this to Eating The Food.

    Some without an iron clad stomach may not be able to do this, but fortunately I can.


    Awesome, baconperrier! I’m about to fly tomorrow and this is the first time in the past two or three years that I’ll be flying without my pre-packed salads or using it as in intermittent fasting time.


    I can usually find a ready-made sandwich to eat and some milk. They have this in airports, and along the New Your State Thruway, where I will be traveling tomorrow. Ice cream is also easy to find. This stuff isn’t perfect, but it is fine until I reach my destination.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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