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    Hi, I read Eat For Heat and am attempting to use the methods it describes in order to raise my body temp/metabolic rate. I am already seeing the immediate effect that eating more salt/fat/sugar and drinking less has on my normally low basal body temp- it has been getting much higher after only a few days. It’s not consistent yet, I don’t think, but I feel good about my progress so far.

    I am curious about how to shift gears once I do have a consistently higher temp, and how to maintain that higher temp. I didn’t get a clear answer to that from the book. Once my metabolic rate is consistently better, do I just go back to eating normally right away, or will that make it drop again?

    Also, how do I reincorporate exercise without it dropping?

    Is there anyone with experience in maintaining their core temp long term who can give me some insight? I am not someone who has a history of eating disorder or is too obsessive, but I have tried different diets several times short term.

    Thank you.

    Matt Stone

    The transition should be really slow and gradual, almost unnoticeable. Your tastes, preferences, and appetite for physical activity ideally should be guiding that change. I myself noticed feeling uncomfortably hot all the time and started adding in a lot more water and watery foods like fruit as well as exercise over time. Ultimately, make it your own experiment, give your body a bigger voice than your head, and evolve over time. Be very patient. Real, permanent change doesn’t happen overnight.


    Thank you, that was very helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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