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Losing apetite?

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    Hey i have been doing eat for heat for a few weeks and then a few days ago my apetite when way up and i was pounding th scones and butter and now the last two days it has lessened?? like today i have only been able to put down a bowl of pasta with cream sauce and about 150 grams of licorice. and yesterday it was less amount too.


    and i am feeling realy tired too, like i just want to rest in bed yesterday and today


    I’d say that’s normal. Consistently, people report their cravings for foods falling off a cliff after they stop restricting and eat to their heart’s content. You don’t have to pound tiramisu all day every day for weeks or months on end to restore metabolic rate.

    As long as you’re seeing the beneficial changes you’d anticipate when metabolic rate rise (warm hands and feet, hair and nails growing thick and quickly, energy levels and libido up, etc.), and as long as you’re not eating too many hard to digest, low-palatable foods (which can drop the appetite spontaneously), there’s probably no need to eat beyond appetite.


    That happens a lot to me too. I will start to finally get my appetite and eat well for a few days and then it just goes away and I don’t feel well and don’t feel like eating at all. Seems to happen after eating ice cream for me.


    Ugh, I hear you. I’ve been trying to come off Paleo for the last month, and just eat whatever, but I find it extremely difficult. I have zero appetite and feel nauseous a lot. I have had a very healthy appetite my entire life, now all of sudden everything makes me sick. God damn paleo effed me up good.


    Have felt the same way. Haven’t gone far from the couch. One day I can rip through the calories, one day not much at all. Trying to find the happy medium in between. Listen to the body, follow my cravings, and maintain urine concentration. I wonder how many other poor people out there are being screwed by low carb?


    I go through ups and downs too, still, 15 months into eating restorative amounts…my appetite began around 2000 cals, and has fluctuated anywhere from 2300-4500 daily. Usually there are weeks I eat more and weeks I eat less. Right now I’m around 2800/day. Often I find I am more fatigued when I eat more, simply because I still have huge adrenaline shifts which send me into wired mode and crash after I replenish my stores.
    Usually when I’m nauseated I eat pretzels. The salt and simple carbs open up my appetite and give me good energy! Salt is very helpful for my nausea.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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