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Losing weight when stressed

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    My problem might be different than that many other women experience but for me, it is very real…I am usually a good eater and I am usually weight stable. I am an ectomporph and middle distance runner and I strength train to gain some muscle and not be overly skinny. However, in times where I experience a lot of stress (I am working from at home, have two young kids etc.) I totally lose my appetite and lose weight (and probably the muscle I had to work so hard to gain). In addition, my digestion becomes overly active so I feel I only absorb part of what I eat… My strategy is to focus on calorie dense food as I cannot stomach vegetables in those situations, anyway. It works in order to maintain most of my weight but I feel bad about my “bad” diet: I do not nearly eat enough healthy stuff for weeks, set a bad example for my children, probably compromise my health (?). Could anyone help out with an “emergency plan” to get in the minimum of healthy food but enough calories considering my lack of appetite and stress-induced food aversions? Thank you!


    I would say that it’s a matter of priorities; eating ‘unhealthy’ (read: palatable, easily digestible) food is totally fine, especially when under stress and at risk of not eating enough. The goal is to become neutral toward food rather than labeling it ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ so that you can follow your intuition and body’s day to day preferences to provide for yourself.

    In your position, I would just worry about addressing that stress so that your appetite remains good and strong, rather than beating yourself up for not getting enough veggies in or something. You can also try making palatable home-cooked foods if your concern is more with the additives in ‘junk’ food. Homemade desserts, hearty food like mac and cheese and mashed potatoes, can all be highly palatable while still being somewhat nutrient dense.

    Good luck!

    cold in canada

    I have a problem with weight loss too. A couple of years ago my weight dropped to a 100lbs (I’m only 5’4″) and I’ve been fighting to get it back on. I’m sure that my water in take was a huge part of it, I drank so much water that even the thought of putting water in my mouth makes me sick! I have suffered from massive silent migraines and food intolerance. It got so bad I was afraid to eat…I still am afraid of food…stupid I know but I seem to react to everything…which leads to anxiety:( I’m trying very hard to watch my fluid intake but sometimes all I can get into me is juice. I can’t even take supplements, they just make me sick!! I’m at a loss as to what to do I’ve been in and out of the hospitals, seen Dr’s., specialist, naturalpathic Dr’s…counsellors, psychiatrists…and I always end up back at square one. need help!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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