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For The Love of Bacon Grease!!!

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    So i started cooking in this stuff a week and a half ago on occasion..well more times then I thought I would! Eggs, pancakes, french toast, grilled sandwiches, and hash browns(seriously just use a cheese grater with a tatah or two and throw it into some left over apple wood smoked bacon grease.) The taste is awesome! Think I’m getting some health benefits too. Feeling completely calm and satiated after my eats. Toasty with radiating skin(grease+carbs..da bomb) My mom used to make scrambled eggs in bacon grease all the time when I was like 4-5 years old back in the early eighties.(Goonies hadn’t even came out yet. lol). But as most households had endured, margarine and Crisco too over..yuck. I think feeding your kid food fried in lard or bacon grease was considered a form of child abuse come mid eighties.(freaking fat-free Nazis with their super-cool health pyramid scheme endorsed by the FDA!)
    ..Any-who, just wanted to give a shout out to anyone else who has been riding high on the hog or any other animal fat good for cooking with. I would love to heir others with recipes in which they decided to go back to using “Granny-Fats!” Pre-industrial food grade oils. I’m talking coconut oil, beef tallow, glee, butter, bacon grease, “real” lard(industrial lard is partially-hydrogenated) ect. Any old fashioned recipes, please share:) While on my wild hog ride over the last week, I stumbled onto this really cool article about old fashioned fats! Was a good read!
    Good Stuff!!:)


    I grew up with my mom cooking things in bacon grease, so it never seemed weird to me. I didn’t do it myself for awhile back in my low-fat days (never did do the margarine thing though), but then I read some WAPF stuff, and the bacon grease made a reappearance. My favorite thing is cubed potatoes fried in bacon grease (which I then make a hash out of and stuff into an omelet), I also make my homemade french fries in bacon grease or tallow. And basically any vegetable I eat gets a nice coating of Kerrygold butter. Mmm, butter…


    I’ve made french fries in tallow, and boy howdy, that’s pretty swell. It does tend to leave a film on the roof of my mouth though. I think it has a higher melting point than coconut oil, which could explain that.


    Don’t know about other parts of the country/world, but think that Southerners (US) who’ve never been “reformed” (*L*) have continued to use fatback, streak-of-lean, and bacon grease on a more-or-less continuous basis since the beginning of pigdom.

    Use for scrambling or frying eggs, as a seasoning in boiled potatoes/blackeye peas/crowder peas/purple hull peas/green beans/pintos/navy beans/cabbage, in addition to ham in your homemade split pea or potato or bean soup, even a good tablespoonful into the cast iron skillet you’re heating up to bake cornbread in. Also many folks who pan-fry fish or okra use lard for that, and it is outstanding.

    I have also added bacon grease to a hot frying pan in which I was assembling homemade fried rice.



    Oh, and coconut oil makes the best popcorn you’ve ever tasted. Add a little (or a LOT! of) finely-ground popcorn salt, and half a co-cola, and you are THERE!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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