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    Hi everyone, I’ve done a few intros on other forum topics so I hope I’m not repeating myself if you’ve already read them. I’m 31 and am recovering from restrictive eating. I was bulimic 10 years ago but recovered and was healthy until the birth of my daughter. I didn’t realize it but I began restricting my eating and become obsessed with clean eating and following paleo/primal eating. That pretty much ruined my health but I never thought my diet had anything to do with my lack of period, low sex drive, extreme anxiety, etc because I was just a normal thin weight (not underweight). I’ve been eating loads of food (probably around 3,000 cals) since May and resting but have really been watching my fluid intake and eating salty, starchy, sugar food combos for the past few days. My morning temp has been 98.1 for the past two days and after meals I’ve seen 98.5 and 98.6. The only problem is the last two night my temperature has been 97.1 and last night 97.5. I take magnesium (was constipated on the paleo diet) with a tiny bit of water (maybe 1/4 cup) before bed to help me sleep as well. When I did this two nights ago and realized my temperature, I ate a small pretzel with 3 dried cherries. Last night I was too tired though and didn’t eat anything.

    I’m wondering what it is about the evening? I thought temperatures were supposed to be the highest before bed? Anyone have any tips for high night temperature? Do you think I should stop taking the magnesium? I imagine based on what I’ve read that my sleep and constipation will improve once my metabolism does… Thanks!


    it sounds like your making good progress on improving your metabolism. i would say that this way of eating is very dissimilar from paleo in the sense that more emphasis is placed on how you feel than what you think you should be eating. don’t worry about the small dip in temperature at night. the fact that you are eating plenty of calories each day will inevitably result in metabolic improvement. think of this more as a marathon, and not a sprint, in the sense that if you continue eating three meals a day, and don’t try to micromanage (i.e taking temp constantly or fluids excessively) then improvement is inevitable. its a long process, and the less you worry about it the better.

    mighty m

    I don’t think temps are “supposed to” be highest before bed. I believe that in both Eat for Heat & Diet Recovery 2, Matt says that the most common peak temp is late afternoon/early evening, and that a dip in the late evening is common. So, you fit the pattern. Based on my understanding of the advice, a snack in the evening would probably help keep temps up in the 98-range. If a snack (esp carby or salty) also helps you sleep better, that would be confirmation.

    For myself, I got my midday temps to normal (and even normal-plus during warm weather) relatively quickly (from lows ~97.0) once I dropped all the paleo business and ate my grains. However, good early-morning and evening temps have come more gradually. I’ve now had a few good morning and night readings, but still working on it for consistency.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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