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    Hey there, my name is Zoe, I’m a personal trainer from Melbourne, Australia. I have been rrarfing for just on 2 months now but im struggling to maintain my temps. Before rrarf I was eating a mostly paleo diet. I am mid 20’s I weigh approx 68kj (was around 63 before rrarf) and I am consistantly eating at or above 3000 cals a day. I do strength training 3x weekly. I eat pretty much anything and everything with some emphasis on my macros especially carbs since I find this the hardest to maintain. In the first month I got my temps to 36.7ish but only in the final week of my cycle. I was sleeping fairly well and felt pretty good – but super tired from eating so much! Once I got my period I was back down to 36.0. It didn’t budge over 36.5 for 3 weeks and then again in the final week of my cycle it jumped all over the place from 36.3 to 36.7. I have been struggling epically to sleep for the last 3 weeks due to some stressful life events, and I am up at 5am most mornings so I guess this has a serious impact on temps. Most days I will nap in the afternoon to try to catch up on sleep but doesnt seem to help much.
    Yesterday I went to see my chinese doctor and he said my guts are inflamed, and that I need to put some emphasis back on the greens and warm liquids like chai tea or ginger tea. Also I have had terrible heartburn and he said this would help.
    Anyway, I am really happy to have access to this forum! Guess I just needed to vent some frustration and find out if anyone else is struggling like me?


    Don’t forget the seasons – it’s much harder to maintain metabolic rate in the winter. I’m having similar issues right now (I’m in Perth) and I know that the lack of sunlight exposure is having a major effect. I actually had my first appointment at a solarium today to see if I can mitigate some of winter’s effects with a little fake sunlight.


    Zoe, you may want to look at the Fast Tract for Heartburn diet, through Norm Robillard at the Digestive Health Institute. It is a lower carb diet, and enables you to figure out what foods are safer to eat. I followed it for a couple of months, and now I eat pretty much what I want. Any heartburn I have now is quickly relieved by a TUMS. Matt has written about SIBO, which is what this diet is dealing with. Now I can just focus on increasing my metabolism. It seems to be working: I gained just a couple of pounds, and I am eating a lot more, including ice cream most days. But my body temp hasn’t really risen much, so maybe that doesn’t happen for everyone?


    Thanks guys,
    My visit to the chinese doctor seems to have fixed my heartburn – or maybe its all the milky chai tea and ginger and bitter greens which i am trying to focus on. Even if I have a big carby meal I try to add some cooked kale or spinach.
    I also managed to get a full nights sleep last night which was amazing!
    Holy moly I’d forgotten what it felt like to wake up in the morning not feeling like death.
    Also trying to get some more sunshine whenever i get the opportunity. I haven’t taken my temps for a few days so not sure where i am at, but feeling pretty good :-)
    Thanks for the info!


    Hi, I’ve been struggling with my temps for months. It was a little easier over winter for me to eat the warming foods. Then I could get up to 98.6 or a little higher, but they never stay high. Now with summer, I don’t feel like eating much food at all and I am so thirsty! It is an effort to just have a little sip now & then. These days I just want to eat salad & fruit (you know, everything that is in season now) & ice cream & milkshakes & gallons of lemonade. Oh, and popsicles. These things are not warming or helping my temps.

    And Matt, I still wake up 3 times a night (which I know doesn’t help), but I am taking the salt/sugar mix each time. It helps me get back to sleep instead of staying awake for hrs. Sorry if I am whining. I keep complaining about the same thing on your blog. So last week I had a double cheeseburger w/everything on it and fries for lunch. That certainly got my temps up, at least for awhile. So I don’t know if I am doomed to low temps, low energy & being fat because of poor sleep?


    Also want to mention I am 58 yrs old so maybe because of my age it will be a lot harder? Saying that feels so weird. I really feel around 35ish except for being stiffer & moving slower, & going to bed early every night. Wait a minute, that sounds like an old person! haha

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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