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Has Matt himself gotten results?

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    I can’t speak to the comment about someone with an eating disorder. That is beyond my pay grade. You are right though about the relaxing effect. I learned to love that feeling a little too much, and it has taken me a long time to figure out ways around that. The funny thing is, I probably have the least addictive type of personality ever, and even I got caught up in needing that relaxing effect from food.

    Also, I was never looking for permission from anyone. I am a grown ass person who has been making her own decisions for a very long time. (I’m not saying that in a combative way. It’s had to articulate tone on the computer.)


    , thank you. that’s too bad; i have lots of questions about things where what he writes isn’t clear to me.

    , i thought you were very clear; thanks for sharing that. i can totally see how those first few weeks were a memorable experience in the positive sense, regardless of where you took it later. sometimes we just need to opt out of it all for a while, and it’s not always easy to find the right path for getting back into it.


    I’m sorry if I come across as combative. I’m actually mad at myself because I sometimes have a tough time with worries about everything and my nerves are tight. I know that I fair best when I just eat when hungry. Not dieting nor stuffing myself. But, because it is such relief to eat a lot, I might look for permission/opportunity. Just like alcohol brings relief to a tightly wound, overworked individual. Never had a problem with booze or drugs thank god. But I know that I need to work on my inner life and on relaxing/surrendering instead of tensing in order to be free of needing to eat lots, gaining weight. Food can be used as a drug like anything else. It’s the dosage that makes the poison.
    I can really eat whatever I want and stay slim if I don’t eat beyond satiation-never to fullness. I’m not eating disordered. It’s more about being healthy and energetic, working on the real issue versus chubby, lethargic and anesthetized from my feelings.


    Hey Christinam,

    You have not come across as combative, no worries. I really do wish you, and everyone else, good luck with all of this. Turns out, food stuff can be hard.

    Good luck, Christinam.


    Agreed. Thanks Leighton! Good luck to you, too! (:


    @Leighton – thanks for sharing!!

    I think the key is being open to hearing, and recognizing the “And… we’re Done.” signal… any chance you remember what it was you ignored at the time?

    I’m trying to listen to my body more. My goal is to feed it good, nutrient dense foods on a regular 3x a day schedule, then Feed it what it craves in between those regular meals. It’s still a work in progress. So far, I’m not gaining or losing any pounds (I’d like to lose some, eventually). And my energy and mood are in great shape, so I really like that part. And being warm. I really, really like being warm!


    Hi TinaT,

    I realize this makes me sounds nuts, but I actually heard, “And you’re done now.” It was also coupled with a very distinct feeling. Wherever that came from, it was perfectly clear that this had run its course (very successfully), and it was time to abandon ship. To answer your question, it was as simple as me ignoring that feeling. That’s it.

    I too am a work in progress. I just wish I had listened to my body when it was so abundantly clear what I should have done. I will never make that mistake again….ever.

    Best of luck, TinaT.


    Thanks Leighton!
    Best of luck to you, too!


    @The Real Amy- I haven’t taken any psychiatric meds for about 1 and a half years. I am considering trying depression meds though if I still feel fatigued after I return to a more normal weight for my height and body type. Do you think a chemical imbalance could be the cause of my fatigue and bad sleep like the doctors and psychiatrists have told me?

    @David- Actually Matt held a gun to my head and force fed me. LOL. Seriously though, my bad if I came across as whiny. I’m not trying to blame anyon for my weight gain. I just felt like expressing my opinion of Matt’s writings on here.

    I think it’s badass that you have managed to lose weight eating refined foods. I wonder what your opinion on fiber is? Is it of any significance? Do you notice any difference when eating more fiber?

    @Piranha- I’ve come to believe after reading health books and websites for a couple years that everyone is different. Thse people who can eat all junk food in unlimited quantities and stay fit have it hella easy though. The convenience must be freaking sweet.

    @Christinam- What you said about people with eating disorders feeling relief from eating made me wonder if I had been using refeeding as a distraction from some issues I haven’t been dealing with. Maybe I unconsciously decided to focus my obsessive thoughts away from restrictive eating and onto refeeding.

    @Leighton- I can relate. I kept eating because I also believed in increase in temp would solce all of my problems. Never could get mine up either. How much weight did you gain?

    The Real Amy

    Mmmfood, there is actually no scientific evidence that any mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance, and plenty of evidence to refute that idea. The only chemical imbalance is the one that meds themselves create. I’m serious about this – FDA just allows that sort of messaging as a marketing tool. You can check on on research online, and will see it’s true. So, no I don’t think your issues are a “chemical imbalance.” They may be hormonal issues or other issues due to overfeeding or withdrawl issues from former meds, however. (Being overweight is certainly tiring for the body)

    That said, I would never tell anyone to pursue meds or not, and certainly some people do seem to find them helpful. Personal decision, but definitely do research before you do anything and don’t just rely on what a doctor says. Do your own online research and look at all negatives and positives.

    I will be upfront that I am of the belief that happiness does not come in a pill bottle, but as a result of our environment, lifestyle, nutrition, stress levels and base emotional health. A pill may provide temporary relief and only you are the judge of whether that is worth it, but it will come with side effects, and it won’t fix the root cause so you will go back to baseline after, and there will be withdrawal to contend with.

    I deal with insomnia and fatigue as well, so I hear you on the issues that can pop up. I’ve been dealing with longstanding emotional issues and have made a lot of headway that way, and for me faith is also extremely helpful, but I think we all find our own paths in life, so I would say follow your heart and your own best judgement.


    @mmmfood- Hahaha on the thought of Matt holding a gun to your head shouting, “Eat the food!” I didn’t mean to imply that you were whiny, but I was trying to give you a hard love pep talk, because it sounded like you could use it. When I was your age, it often took a strong nudge to find motivation, because I’d get distracted by things that didn’t matter. I’d like to see you find success.

    I think fiber is somewhat overrated, but helpful in some situations. My current refined food diet doesn’t cause constipation, but it would if I increased my protein consumption much over 100-150 grams a day. When I eat more protein, the need for fiber becomes obvious.

    I really think that there is a drug effect to refeeding. Many of my problems dissipated when I was binging on 5,000 calories a day, but my overall health gradually declined. You made an excellent point that binge behavior and restrictive behavior could have the same underlying psychological cause.

    By the way, @Christinam asked me recently about temperature. I went to the doctor’s today to get a script for Ambien, because insomnia is one condition I can’t see to shake. The nurse got a reading of 98.6.

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    Hi mmmfood,

    I’m on my phone, so bear with me. The first 4-8 weeks, in Miami, I actually don’t know how much weight I gained. It was definitely something, but when I got back home all of my clothes still fit (maybe with the exception of one pair of jeans that were probably tight before I even left). That was not the problem, it was actually a good thing.

    The problematic weight gain occurred after that time frame. I think I topped out at a gain of 30-35 pounds. It took a while to accumulate, it certainly didn’t come on over night. For years, coupled with no/minimal exercise, eating 5000-6000 calories daily (occasionally when I needed a break, I only ate 3000 daily), I never saw a weight higher than the additional 30-35 pounds.

    I don’t want to share this through rose colored glasses because I went through several years where I thought I wanted to die. I felt horrible beyond what I can probably articulate. But…there’s a but…things really are getting better. I’m still not where I was before I fell down this rabbit hole (my body/health are almost back, but this messed with my head a little bit), but I am damn close and I will get there.



    I’d LOVE to hear that long post! I’m very interested in what your adjusted diet looks like! Please share!


    That was directed @pod, by the way :)


    I’m currently about 80lbs over my supposed ideal weight. But weight loss isn’t my goal. If I feel like a million bucks and get a lot done, I honestly could care less if I have a spare tire. I’m just tired of being tired. (Story in my profile.)

    Besides, if one begins to trade fat for muscle because they’ve been getting off the couch and accomplishing things, can you really measure the progress of that by a bathroom scale?

    This is one place where being a man has an advantage: There isn’t anywhere near as much stigma about an obese male as there is an obese woman. Sorry ladies, that’s just how it is. But I hope you give up the weight loss pursuit. If people put you down for being overweight, they’re not the kind of people you really want to have acceptance from anyway.

    I am a born-again Christian, and I love the body of Christ. The real born-again Christians. They accept you for who you are. If you’re around people who claim Christ but insult you, don’t believe for one second they’re born-again Christians, no matter what they tell you. Instead, find Christ and others who love Him. And, if you start to feel healthy, pursue Christ by helping others with your new-found energy. Soon, you’ll think less and less about the body fat.

    Just my three cents. (Inflation.)

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