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Matt can you try this?

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    Hav you ever thought to balance your calcium and magnesium ratio 1:1 and see what happens? I am going to try this out with sme tablets i have however i am avoiding mg oxide form. Maybe try it and see how you feel 20 mins after :)


    I just realised how stupid this sounds :L i should have said have you tried this


    Good luck @Caz. I don’t have much experience with supplements, including mineral supplements. I think Matt tends to emphasize the big factors like enough food, quality sleep, enjoyable movement, addressing stress, etc., and I wouldn’t put much stock in magic cures from these types of interventions.

    But by all means, give it a shot if you’re inspired and see what it does for you. Good luck!


    Caz, I take a Cal-mag supplement, 2:1 respectively. I prefer citrate. Are you using this for weight loss? I have not heard of weight loss benefits. I take it for mental health stuff, Magnesium is calming for me and I prefer to take it in proper ratio form.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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