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Medicine or Maintanence?!

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    Having read Diet Recovery 2, Paleo Myths and Eat for Heat I find my self a bit confused.

    I am a person who peaks and peas clear in the evening around 7 oclock, temps drop to as low as 95.5

    I have read that refeeding in is staggered heavier in the morning (paleo myths and diet recovery 2) The biggest meals being breakfast and lunch, lighter dinner.

    As someone who peaks in the evening, should this change around so im eating lighter in the morning with more fluids and heavier in the evening with less fluids?

    Thanks a lot!

    More background Info:

    153 pounds
    Coming from a paleo?ish background 3years, never very long periods of being really strict in terms of low carb. Also just completed a 21 day Detox ‘the clean program”

    I would like to iron out a slight confusion i have with regard to how I should approach the refeeding faze. Ive been taking my temps for the last 10 days. I tend to wake up around 97.0 – 97.5 steady to the evening then it drops as low as 95.5 around 6ish then at bed time it sits at 96.6 pretty consistently.


    I’ve read diet recovery 2 (recent edition), paleo myths and eat for heat and perhaps its blending all of these books written at different times thats my problem.

    In paleo myths it says i should be eating 4000 – 5000 calories a day, mostly breakfast then lunch and lighter at dinner.

    In Eat for Heat It suggests that someone in my situation who gets cooler during the evening should eat lighter during the day and warmer during the evening. ?ironing out the peeks and dips? It suggests I have a few more fluids and lighter food in the morning and eat much heavier in the evening.

    Am i getting confused between what is a Re-Feed Strategy (Paleo myths approach) and a Maintenance strategy (Eat for Heat approach)?

    Should I be thinking about this ?peeks and dips? at the stage or just plow ing my way through pizzas and ice-cream day in day out?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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