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    T Will

    So I was looking around the web and saw some pictures of bodybuilders who looked like they were painted gold! I guess it’s some kind of lotion or spray or whatever, but it got me searching for more and then I saw Melanotan. Melanotan is a melanocyte stimulating hormone which is injected to make more melanin in your skin to get you bronze, baby!

    Now I would never use Melanotan, which is injected and has the possibility to turn you into a freakish orange alien (on the flip-side it can cause “spontaneous erections of the penis”), but it got me thinking about what can get fair-skinned people more tan.

    Usually I spend the warm months building up a base tan, just to let it fade over winter and start over again next year. I don’t really want to be that tan, just enough so I can go out in the sun without worrying about getting burned. I hate sunscreen so that option is out. Now I just cover up when I plan on being outside for an extended time. And no way in heck am I going to a tanning saloon.


    Tanning Saloon! Haha!

    I am fair skinned and I’m the outdoorsy type and oh, I tend to do things unplanned and forget about the time.. so yea I end up burning some every year. I get a heck of a tan pretty early on (my mom says I turn into a black girl in the summer :)) But I haven’t burned badly since getting on good fats. I really think getting the crap fats out of your diet is the biggest thing to help your skin handle the sun. Also, for sunscreen, some shea butter with a good helping of vit E mixed in really works. I used it on my goat. No I am not kidding. When you clip them they can burn. She did not burn with the shea butter/vit E whereas last year the poor thing burned and peeled (she has light skin).

    T Will

    Heck yeah, if its good enough for a goat, it’s good enough for me. It would be nice to have some protection sometimes so I’ll have to try it out. Also, people always look better when they are all oiled up.

    The Real Amy

    Coconut oil! It’s not as good as sunscreen, but it helps you be able to stay out for a little bit and get a nice golden color.

    Also, I agree with Ashley that getting the crap fats out of the diet is a huge help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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