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    Does anyone have any experience with MinCol?

    Matt Stone

    I do obviously. I still think it’s a great mineral supplement. I don’t know if it is something that should be taken permanently, but doing a heavy course of it for several months, especially during refeeding when the body is more anabolic, is pretty sensible.


    Ok, cool.

    The Real Amy

    Neschuler, one warning about mincol is be aware of your body’s reactions. Some of us (me included) experienced blood sugar issues when trying to take it. It can make you crash big time. It doesn’t do this to everyone, but just something to be aware of.


    I’ve used it for some time. I Didn’t notice much effect from it.

    I never found any good information about mineral colloids and the possible benefits of them. Min-col contains pretty large amounts of possibly toxic minerals. According to RBTI they are not toxic because the body uses mineral colloids differently. I can say that supplementing with min-col did not increase my ferritin levels (a measurement of iron) which would be suspected if the body uses the iron in min-col normally seeing as it has a high iron content. Still, this is hardly conclusive evidence that is does no harm.


    I’ve had high aluminum levels on hair tests since coming off MinCol and MinCol is high in aluminum. However, it is possible the aluminum is from another source (like sea salt, or produce from deficient soil) or that it is being sequestered in the hair and not causing harm–though it seems like even just transporting it safely out of the body would waste energy and minerals. It’s complex, but I don’t trust the stuff any more. It’s hard to say whether it helped me or not in the long run, but I never felt any obvious harm from taking it for the year-plus that I did.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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