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    I’ve been waiting on my period for a few days now and was so worried that I wouldn’t get it since I’ve never had three periods in a row for over 3 years. While stressing about this I practiced mindfulness and today I did EFT and said, “Even though I’ve gained 20 lbs and don’t have my period yet I love and accept myself unconditionally”. I did that a few times and at the end I felt a HUGE rush of stress relief. A calm just settled over me. Then I went to the bathroom and there was my period. Day 30 so pretty regular. Third one in a row! All I had to do was eat a bunch, relax, sleep and not exercise. Easier said than done for someone with an eating disordered past as I know some of you know. I’m not gonna change a thing besides adding in a little more exercise.

    The reason why I posted in the stress section was because of the amazing effect EFT had. I’ve been practicing mindfulness and that is amazing but I just felt a calling to do some EFT (I hadn’t done it in about 6 months) and it really worked! If you’re no familiar with it you can google it and there’s a bunch of youtube videos.



    That is WONDERFUL news! I’m so glad you had such a positive and fast response to EFT. The thin to remember while you’re tapping, is not just to “think” about the issue, but “feel” it- that may be emotionally, and/or physically.

    EFT is a great technique, and the wonderful thing is you can do it to yourself! It gets better and better. You might want to start writing down issues that you want to clear. Start with the BIG ones first, and stick to one at a time.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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