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Mister Vonderplanitz: He dead.

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    I take no delight in the Vonderplanitz’ death, but this is just weird. I am not buying that there was some government or corporate conspiracy against him that brought about his death. Let’s face it. The guy was a nutcase and presented no threat to anyone other than those who fanatically adopted his diet. Of course, he might have died from a collapsed balcony, but I am not ready to buy that either just yet. I always suspect these health gurus of covering up the reasons for their bad health or death. Their egos follow them to their graves. I might be wrong though:


    Hey Thomas,
    I don’t have any inside info to add, but I had the same thought when I read about it. My first instinct was that he was faking his death for some reason. Something about the random and odd nature of it.


    @AnnaB, I personally don’t doubt that he died, but I just have some scepticism that this might have been THE WAY he died. A balcony collapsed? What are the chances of that, even in a 3rd World country and I doubt that he was living in the most ramshackle part of town.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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