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Morgan Spurlock junk food and turning ugly

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    In the movie “supersize me” Morgan eats at Mc Donalds every day. And by the end of 30 days he doesn’t feel well, has gained lots of weight and his blood tests come back worse.
    The women that I admire in real life and famous seem to eat “healthy”. Can anyone name someone beautiful and famous who eats lots of junk food, cake, pancakes etc daily? Especially someone who doesn’t only eat a tiny piece of it.
    I’m thinking of women like Giada di Laurentis, Christy Brinkley and my own mom among many others. They restrict portion sizes and eat fruits/veg, some grain, sweet potatoes and fish among similar foods and the occasional treat like a cupcake or other. It’s hard not to want to follow their advise esp. when I don’t see pictures of people that practice eat for heat and turn out gorgeous after 1-2 years.

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    I don’t know about Christy but I’m fairly sure that Giada eats desserts and other things not considered healthy in addition to the things that are considered healthy by most. Being a professional chef and baker, I am sure she eats homemade food mostly, which by the way is what Michael Pollan says is the number one thing you can do to live a healthy lifestyle (or something to that effect).

    Some people are born genetically lucky in that they can eat whatever they want (be it tons of veggies, greens included, or lots of sugar and starch and fat) and not gain or get sick,….. I believe that that trait can lead to a more positive and serene attitude and because they are naturally slim and healthy they can maybe attract more and accomplish more than those in a metabolically challenged state. Not fair but then who said life was fair, right?

    Anyway, the food you eat and how much is just one part of the metabolic puzzle.


    You’ve got a good point.
    I’ve heard Giada say that she eats a little of everything and not a lot of anything. She only eats about 2 fists of food at every meal. I’m slim when I do that, too. But I don’t know if say eating 5 small meals of very dense foods and much reduced liquids would get the job done of fixing the metabolism. It seems that large portions are called for on this program.
    Maybe I have to see if I can keep my temp. up doing that. Hm wouldn’t it be great to know and not have to go through trial and error so much.?


    I think the best part of E4H and DR2 that I picked up… was that this is YOUR own experiment. I also just finished “Death by Food Pyramid” – and picked up more info on the major variances in the human body and how, as individuals, we all vary in digesting foods and pulling nutrients.

    So… we all need to find out what works best for ourselves. We have to learn to LISTEN to our body’s signals and respond to them correctly.

    Signal #1 – body temperature. If it’s low – eat. If it’s high – drink.

    Signal #2 – ? hunger pangs? sense of satiety? mood (happy/sad)?
    All those other signals can add up to your body trying to communicate to you where it’s blood sugar level is, and what it wants you to do about it.

    Start listening to your body, and work WITH it. That’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve been able to take away – so far.


    Morgan Spurlock didn’t just eat at McDonald’s. He stuffed himself until he was about to throw up at every meal. Who does that?

    Because of that, I don’t consider his “documentary” to prove anything at all. It was pure propaganda.


    Good point Lulu.
    I do remember that the one neighbor on my street growing up, that was obese, was on a diet of lots of white bread, butter, jam, cake, soft drinks, spagetti? Her whole family looked bad with acne,too. I liked her, she was super nice, but I made this observation.
    My family was always “lean bean” eating rice, veg, fruit, oatmeal,yogurt, nuts,fish,potatoes?no soft drinks ever. maybe some 100%apple juice.And some treats on the weekend like pizza, cake, ice cream. And we were always active, walking a lot, playing sports. The reason I’m into eat for heat you might ask? I want the warm hands and feet and perfect digestion. And Matt’s claims sound amazing if true. What a life if you could be eating like that and be gorgeous, too.
    I just want more proof that eat for heat produces healthy, beautiful bodies and not my neighbors long term obese one.

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    Although it’s entertaining, Super Size Me is mainly propaganda. Like LuLu said, Spurlock didn’t just eat McDonald’s, he ate ridiculous quantities of it. There were plenty of people who did their own studies losing weight by eating at McDonalds, just by counting calories–not to mention the guy who’s eaten literally nothing but Big Macs and Cokes most of his adult life, while staying thin and healthy. It doesn’t matter much what you eat if you eat a sensible quantity.

    If you want examples of people who can binge on tons of calories, while staying fit, look at endurance athletes. Michael Phelps is the example everybody knows, but any serious distance runner has to eat like a garbage truck. I read a story about an ultra marathoner who had pizza delivered to him on his running route, just to stay fueled and avoid unwanted weight loss.

    If you want to eat lots of calories, burn lots of calories. It’s the way everyone lived–hunting, gathering, or working in the fields with heavy tools–for most of human history.


    Here’s the thing – you don’t have to gorge yourself on McDonald’s every day…or at all. Eat for Heat and DR2 are about letting go of crazy restrictions. I’ve let go of all my crazy restrictions on carbs and sugar – but I don’t eat McDonald’s…and I probably never will. I eat what my body craves – and it certainly doesn’t crave genetically modified, deep-fried (in PUFA) chemical-laden “chicken” nuggets.

    If I want ice cream, I eat it – but I eat good quality gelato at a local gelato shop or natural ice cream without a bunch of chemicals in it. For breakfast, I used to eat egg whites with sauteed kale – now, I’ll have cereal (Organic Cocoa Krispies, btw) with 2% organic milk or I’ll have smoked salmon with kefir or goat cheese on some Ezekiel bread.

    You don’t have to eat a bunch of overly processed junk food every day. If I want a cheeseburger, I have one – from a restaurant that doesn’t feature a drive-thru. I also eat small or normal portion sizes more times per day – when you eat nutrient-dense food, you don’t have to eat giant portions. When I used to eat mostly vegetables and lean proteins, I would have to eat a TON to get full. Now, I eat smaller portions of foods that are denser. (Sidebar – I don’t get bloated anymore. It’s incredible.)

    So, if you really want a McFlurry – by all means, go have it…maybe just don’t get a super-sized one and eat every last drop. If it were me, I’d just rather have a scoop or two of really good quality ice cream rather than a giant portion of fake “fro yo.”

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