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Morning crash – what works for you?

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    No matter what I have tried in the morning I typically have a stress reaction – anxiety, internal shaky feeling, colder than normal feet and nose. What has worked best in the morning for some of you?

    mighty m

    You mean before or after breakfast?

    If before, I just have something carby while making breakfast. A little bread & jam, a date, even a cookie.

    If after, possibly not eating enough for breakfast? Possibly too much liquid in your breakfast? If it’s an hour or two after breakfast, then it’s time for “second breakfast” like a Hobbit, or at least a snack.

    Is there a psychological component, as well, to contemplate? E.g., anxiety about work?


    I hate waking up in the morning. When I’m avoiding caffeine, I drink a big glass of orange juice immediately to get my metabolism started. Lately I’ve been resorting to coffee, but I combine it with a ton of milk and sugar. After that I might have a couple of bananas or something.

    I need a tons of carbs in the morning, but I also like to add a little protein food, just not anything heavy like meat.


    Thanks, David and mighty m. Mighty m – the answer to “when” is yes to all. When I first get up, after a pre-breakfast something, after breakfast. Usually goes away by after second breakfast. Maybe I just need a higher calorie/carb dump immediately. (which I have *no* desire for at that time. sigh)

    I tried switching from coffee (1/2 caf, lots of sugar, lots of cream) to hot chocolate made with whole milk and cream but that seemed to make it worse. I’ve tried having part of a muffin with the drink; didn’t seem to help. I may try the orange juice with salt along with sweetened toast or muffin.

    I do have some adrenaline producing issues (who doesn’t?) but not more so in the morning and I don’t usually get that shaky feeling later in the day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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