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    Hannah, I had to take the morning after pill (the levonogestral version) last night. I use condoms as my bc method, but the condom broke and since it’s only a few days before I am due to ovulate, I did not want to take the risk. I know it is probably horrible for my body since it’s a huge dose of fake hormones, but pregnancy would be much worse at this point in my life. I had a lot of side effects when coming off the pill after an extended period so I am well aware of hormonal disruption risks. Today I am nauseous and dizzy and have a headache, all of which I understand are normal side effects.

    What I am wondering is, are you familiar with whether there are any longterm issues after taking the morning after pill, and is there anything I can do to help my body recover and readjust? Any advice you have would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.

    Hannah Ransom

    You have to do what’s best for you at the time, and obviously taking the morning after pill was the right decision for you.

    I don’t know that much about the morning after pill specifically, but I wouldn’t worry about long term issues. Yes, it’s going to stir your hormones up for a while, and obviously that’s not the ideal, but it’s also probably not going to do long term damage.

    I would try to make sure you are getting the same nutrients that the COCs depelete as well as making sure you give your liver a little extra support so that it can get rid of the excess hormones.

    I don’t know if you have seen my post on coming off hormonal contraception?

    That has some advice on nutrients and liver support. Good luck, and I hope you are back to normal quickly :)


    Thank you, Hannah! I will give all of this a try. (I wish I’d had that article when I came off the pill. I didn’t do any of that stuff.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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