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No motivation, frustrated and depleted

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    I regret the day I discovered low carb. It destroyed my health in two short months, here I am struggling to eat normally again yet suffering the consequences and side affects harshly.

    I feel vacant, depressed and detached. I’ve already posted here

    I’ve been following Matt Stone’s protocol of restoring metabolism, restoring insulin sensitivity and utilising my glucose metabolism efficiently. Honestly low carb ruined me, it destroyed my glucose metabolism.

    I can’t handle starches, fruits, carbs, nothing. I’ve added them back slowly, transitioning from low GI to high GI gradually, over a period of two months. I just can’t handle carbs any more, whereas prior to low carb I never suffered with dizzy spells, hypoglycemia, brain fog, lethargy, low energy etc.

    For the past five days I’ve been following Matt’s protocol of more starches, sugar, saturated fat etc. I’m exceeding 2500 cals a day, and all my carb sources are from very starch dense foods, white rice, potatoes etc. and dry fruit like bananas and dates. These foods make up about 65% of my cals, the rest is protein and sat fat.

    My hypoglycemia episodes improved slightly on day 2, but they havent subsided and returned, especially after carb heavy meals. I have random moments of severe brain fog throughout the day and blood sugar swings erratically. I may be talkative and happy for a few minutes and suddenly crash really badly without warning.

    All this induced by a low carb diet, and all the symptoms I’m describing appeared on day 2 of my initial ketogenic approach. They have NOT improved since, despite gradually increasing my carbs back to sanity levels.

    I know I need to be patient but the frustration of feeling like shit for the past 3 months and not noticing any improvement is basically stressful. This constant zombie state is affecting every aspect of my life, socially, academically, mentally.

    I’m 23 with no known prior health problems. I thought my body would adapt better. Months have been wasted trying to correct my issues. I can’t progress. I really wanna stick it out. Right now I’m just binging out of pure frustration, of course it’s worsening my symptoms. I still get chills after eating and severe disorientation.

    I’ve tried every suggestion. More salt, less sugar more starch, more sugar less starch.

    I want to move on and ditch any type of restricting dieting for good. Felt like shit on low carb, eating MORE than prior to any dieting and still feel like shit. Should I be patient? My patience is wearing extremely thin.


    Ok like, I ate zero carb for 14.5 months. And when I started eating carbs again I experienced a lot of the symptoms you’re describing: fatigue, super fun mood swings, digestive issues, did I mention fatigue etc. They lasted for months. Like 6 months sounds right. Was it worth it? Absolutely yes.

    You mentioned you’ve been following Matt’s protocols for 5 days. I mean, I’m assuming you’ve been eating carbs again for longer than that but even so, this shit takes time.

    One thing that helped me was just sticking to mostly starch at the beginning. It was a while before I could eat sugar without it making me feel crappy.

    Also hi first post on this forum.


    Interesting. It usually takes quite some time for people to have issues on low carb.

    Have you read eat for heat? I’m guessing you haven’t.

    If I were you, I’d find a way to calm down (maybe find a good therapist) and re-evaluate from a logical, calm perspective.

    How much water are you drinking?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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