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    HI All,
    I’ve been reading through Matt’s books and even though it makes sense, I’m very nervous to start.
    I have been cleared of active lyme disease for about a month and a half now. Amongst other things, it did a did a number on my adrenals and thyroid. My adrenals have balanced out again fairly quickly, thyroid on the other hand has not….as of yet. I’m working with a homeopathic MD and and currently on thyroid support.
    Quite honestly I am nervous about the weight gain. I gained about 20 pounds in 4 months due to the lyme, and even though I know it shouldn’t make a difference, it’s still hard to deal with.
    I have lived with cold hands and feet my entire life (my mom knew I was sick when my feet were warm) and have struggled with losing weight. I think this is the direction to go, but still uneasy because of battling lyme. My body doesn’t need any more stress. I know a low metabolism is stressful, but from what I understand, it is also somewhat stressful to the body in the beginning of this program. Maybe I misunderstood.
    Oh, and working out is a challenge as well as those horrid little spirochetes did some serious damage to tendons and ligaments in my elbows and knees. I know exercise is an important part of the program.
    I guess I’m just looking for a little reassurance. :)
    Thanks for the help.


    I understand your nervousness! For me, I’m just about one month in, and my body is feeling better and better….it’s also bigger. I’m dealing. :) But the changes are nice. I think our bodies want to be fed and nourished, and when we do that, they feel better. My temperatures are coming up, I’m gaining weight, but my body is filling out in a plump way that it never has before! (I’m 43) I can imagine now, really, becoming “curvy” as I shape up, sometime in the future when I’m ready to really exercise again. My digestion has improved. No one would believe that I am going regularly and easily with what I’m eating! I’m enjoying food, but the cravings are all gone. (I’ve been an emotional and over eater.) I’ve been warm! To the point of wondering if I will ever wear my winter clothes again. And just yesterday and today, I’m tempted to say, that my dry skin is improving. My hands have been so dry the last few winters that they crack and hurt and feel tight. I’ve even been using my husband’s prescription lotion for extremely dry skin, and it’s helped, but I’ve had to use so much. But yesterday and today I don’t think I used any, and my hands are starting to feel smooth again! (even with no dishwasher in our house) And, my back hurts less and the knee pain I was having is less, even as I gain weight. I’m hoping, that my temperatures are going to stay high and my body will be happy in its abundance of nourishment and soon stop gaining weight. I trust that will happen. Until then, I just keep wearing what I’m comfortable in. I’m making myself a new wrap skirt. I think that’s the best invention. :) I’m trying to keep a light attitude, but yes, there are times when I don’t like seeing myself “big” again. But, healthy? I’m ready for that!! Good luck!! Let’s stick around here. It’s good to see other people’s progress and be reminded to notice little changes and stay positive. I find it helpful to re-read the books, too, finding reminders and things I good see and remember that keep me on track. We can do this. We deserve to be healthy.

    I like what Matt says about disease and sickness in general (thinking about your lyme disease and thyroid and adrenals). He says, get your metabolism up, get your body functioning at its best, then see what’s left and get help for that. You might be surprised, or you might be a really healthy person that needs some help with something still. :)


    Wow, Aimee88! Thank you for sharing! It’s great to hear from people for who this is really working.

    I’m enjoying being warm, but haven’t dived in so far as to gain weight…

    I’m coming from a pretty healthy (although, technically “obese”) place… but the last few times I’ve tried to lose weight I would get sick (normally sinus infections, once walking pneumonia), so this time I decided to go about it differently.

    So far, I’m holding my current weight and eating things that are good for me (whole, fatty, salty, starchy yummy foods) as I want them – but still portioning things out to pace myself and give me time to ‘hear’ my body’s hunger signals. Over the weekend, I ate over 2600 calories on Saturday (still tracking everything via myFitnessPal), including some yummy pizza late in the evening, and didn’t gain an ounce.

    I’m hopeful that I can get my body feeling ‘abundant’ enough to re-calibrate without needing to gain a bunch (since I’m starting out sufficiently high as it is). That’s going to be my take on this experiment, anyway.

    We’ll see how it goes!

    I totally agree with your last statement – about getting your metabolism up and feeding your body until it’s functioning well again… then tackling what’s left after that.

    And, bubbleliving – have you talked to your homeopathic MD about the “eat the food” concepts? I would be very interested in their thoughts on the subject, and what direction they would suggest you take. They might have some ideas on what foods might help you satisfy your body best right now – i.e. what you might be deficient in, that it’s looking for, and what would make the best raw materials for rebuilding your immune system. The first place I’d go, is real fat (grass-fed, pastured raw butter if you can get it). Yum.

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