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Neurofeedback Therapy For an Addict

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    “My friend started taking drugs a year ago. After his wife left him, he was alone in his house. And he quickly became an addict.

    After that, he even stopped eating regular food which resulted in significant weight loss. Then, he started to bleed from his nose. And was taken to a hospital. After discharged from the hospital, he spent months in a rehabilitation center. Now rehab is over and he is clean.

    But he is always depressed. so the therapist said that we should try some alternative treatment to avoid relapsing. And referred to a neurofeedback training clinic in Toronto.

    But before going for neurofeedback therapy I would like to know more about this treatment. Like how much time does it take? Nature of the treatment? How much does it will cost? etc. Also, if there is any other better option please feel free to suggest it.”


    Hi, My friend also suffering from drug addiction and need urgent treatment, Can you suggest me any good rehab center within the reasonable budget? Looking forward to early respond!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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