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    Hello, I am Essie. I am very happy to be here. Last year I read Eat For Heat and Diet Recovery 2 and began implementing with the purpose of fixing my low thyroid. I was able to get my first-thing-in-the-morning temperature from 95.9 to 97.9. I have gotten into the low 80’s a few times and would like to get there and stay there.

    My main focus right now is my Diabetes. It is not in control at all. I take oral meds for it and also recently started taking long-acting insulin at bedtime. I have read 180 degree Diabetes and had a bit of communication with Matt but sometimes I feel confused at the differences between the three books.

    I recently turned 50 and live with my husband of 28 years and one inside cat. I was born in Florida, grew up in California, spent 18 years in Texas and have now lived ten years in the-middle-of-nowhere-Oklahoma.


    I would love to get a clearer picture of how to handle diabetes and increasing metabolism together as well. My husband was very recently diagnosed as diabetic and neither of us want to go the insulin route and with waking temperatures in the low 96’s we know we need to boost his metabolism, but it’s really scary feeding a diabetic a bunch of carbs!

    The 180 Degree Diabetes book is one of the older ones and I know Matt’s general advice is very different, but I don’t know how much the full fledged diabetes changes the picture. Hopefully someone else has a more recent picture of how to handle things as I’m lost.


    I wish I had more answers. My husband’s diabetes is currently uncontrolled. I know that Matt said he is re-writing his Diabetes book, so hopefully that comes out soon!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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