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Newsletter Issue #4; March 2014

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    Matt Stone

    Post your comments here on the March, 2014 issue of the 180 Newsletter.


    I appreciate the snack tips. I’m already eating some of these, but nothing makes me hot. Haven’t read the whole newsletter yet so can’t comment on anything else.


    Matt, how come I didn’t get this in my email box? I just happened to be in the forum when I saw it.

    Matt Stone

    I haven’t sent out a broadcast about it yet. Going to do that right now.


    Another inconvenience of a High Metabolism – being so much hotter than your family that you are constantly sweating and inching the heat down while they are covered in blankets and sneaking the heat back up! We’re working on it :P


    Hanging a kettle bell from it hahahaha
    I can’t wait to hear more from Danny Roddy! What a tease keeping his client’s story for next time.
    I really really want you to get the weight loss results and see more in your followers. What a brilliant plan for life well enjoyed!! And it would free lots of people out of the grips of the billion dollar diet industry.
    Matt I respect you saying that you don’t have all the answers and that you haven’t had all the results you expected. I might ask uncomfortable questions because that’s what I do but I don’t expect perfection, just honesty. Thanks for that!

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    Matt Stone

    That’s Billy Craig not Danny Roddy.


    oops my mistake

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    If you’re looking for low PUFA breads I believe the French Baguette and Sourdough are made without oils.


    I haven’t lost the weight either but my weight gain did stop after I took your advice in a phone call and I have also grown very, very fond of pancakes.


    I can’t even express how much this freaks me out to add weight intentionally, but I am hoping for better health…and I’m kind of out of options, so I’m turning to Matt.:) Anyway, gaining weight and losing vanity may make me a better, more interesting woman in the long run, no? Who knows, maybe I will be a real success story in a year or two. And to anyone else like me who is a little unnerved by all this and still giving it a try, keep your chin up.


    Great newsletter, again. Thank you very much.

    Matt Stone

    Sharing a couple of weight-related emails that I’ve gotten so far today…

    Hi Matt,

    I figure it’s time for an honest update.

    I’ve written to you in the past about how re-feeding has helped with my restrictive mindset and managing dermatitis herpitiformis, and last I wrote to you, I was doing great, but undergoing a lot of life changes, so of course my re-feeding experience changed with it.

    I moved across the country and changed careers, and after all the stress of that subsided, I finally stepped on the scale and saw that I had gained fourteen pounds on my petite 5’3″ frame, bringing me to a grand total of 140 lbs. Yes, I know that’s fine for some people, but I have always hovered around 123-127 prior to refeeding. I felt fat even though all of my weight gain was really on my butt and boobs, and I’d experienced all sorts of benefits.

    So I did what you hate. I dieted. Sort of.

    I tracked my calories and tried to eat 1400-1800 calories of heating foods each day with modest exercise. I am a school teacher, so I am on my feet each day so my calorie needs are probably pretty high. If I felt worn-down, or if I noticed any ill effects from under-eating, I would have a high calorie day (2300-2500+). If I felt hungry, I ate more, and my meals still consisted of a modest pile of starch, some saturated fat, and adequate but not excessive protein. Of course I eat plenty of tasty salt on all of my meals.

    The results? My temperature is still high, my skin is still perfect (no more dermatitis herpatiformis), and I dropped down to 125 pounds without starving myself. I know that your message is to be patient and the weight may come off, but I’m an 24 year old woman and I want to wear size 2 jeans while I’m young and to feel confident wearing stylish clothing. It’s 100% vanity, but thanks to your help, I’ve maintained consistent body temperature, and I feel better than I ever did when I would eat nothing but raw vegetables and cooked fish to maintain this same figure (true story – never again).

    One difference between now and when I restricted myself down to this size (as I used to do every variety of Paleo to be at the same size) is that my body shape is different. I used to store my fat in my stomach and hips, and now it is all in my butt and thighs. TO be honest, my boobs are smaller, but that could also be aging as my mother had the same thing happen with age. My blood pressure is normal (it used to be low), and I still put on muscle pretty well.

    Most importantly, I am confident in my own skin and I am healthier than I’ve ever been. I’ve adjusted to this new calorie level and I don’t track anymore – I just eat intuitively. I’ve maintained this loss for six months now, and I occasionally have days where I eat the whole kitchen and it doesn’t give me a stomach ache or any other problems – I just continue on with my life.

    This was long. I’ve avoided updating you as dieting is not really a part of your message, but you posted something in the last week about long-termers and fat loss/gain, and I figured I’d be another voice.

    Best wishes,

    Matt Stone

    And another…

    “Hi Matt,

    I’ve been doing most of your program for a while so thought I’d share my “results” so far. I’d begun to gain weight before refeeding. It was hard for a long time to eat regularly or get enough sleep. I’m sorry I don’t write as amusingly as you do, please have patience! And I’ve followed you from the get-go, reading every post for YEARS!!! And the comments!

    My normal weight, for years, before my second child was about 157 at 5’5″.
    I have a history of restrictive dieting from age 15 to 30. After every diet on the sun, I gave it up, but I still had a restrictive mindset. I spent a while in Overeaters Anonymous (whoops, I just wasn’t eating enough and having rebound hyperphagia). I also had PCOS, endometrisis, and infertility.

    I gained about 30lbs with my second pregnancy, and lost all of it in the first 6 months of breastfeeding. That brings me to December 2010, I was 154lbs. I had started skipping meals, and my sleep was poor.
    I started gaining weight, getting up to about 182 by December 2012. I gained over 5 pounds every 6 months by undereating most days of the week, despite having an active lifestyle.
    I started lifting weights just once a week (BBS) in April 2012 and gradually added other exercise. If an activity put me on the couch for the rest of the day, I did not continue to do it. I have been exercising consistently ever since, varying things as I got bored.
    I tried to eat more, but was very inconsistent about it, not realizing my appetite was suppressed.

    By December 2012 I was about 39% body fat (based on avg of covert-bailey and military).
    A couple months later I started more formally with Eating the Food, beginning by tracking all food for several weeks. That was when I realized my normal intake was 1800-2000 and I needed at least 2700. I started to increase calories a chunk at a time and gained about a pound a week until the end of June, also feeling warmer.
    I had a fitbit for a while and I almost always exceeded 10,000 steps.
    June 2013 I peaked at 199 pounds and 41% body fat (17lb gain on ETF)
    Stopped tracking and tried to eat intuitively, within a structure (3 meals and at least one snack).
    In October 2013 I stopped breastfeeding.
    In December I started Karate once a week. It is pretty intense. I get out of breath during the class. For other exercise, I walk & sometimes do yoga (at most 1x/week).
    I have very slowly been losing weight without trying, about 6 pounds since July.
    I am 42.
    Now I weigh 193, with 39% body fat. I’ve added about 13 lbs of lean body mass in the last 1.5 years.
    I wear a size 14 – at my thinnest I was a 10-12. So 36 pounds has added only a size and a half. Part of that is my round booty. I also have very broad shoulders and big arms. Most women’s shirts are not cut well for my shape. Boobs are bigger too.

    I noticed when I started refeeding my stomach got huge. For a long time. Pregnant huge. That has started to come down a bit and pants are easier to button. More of a waist indent, but I still have a big belly (and great legs).

    My temps used to be in the 96s now they are in the 98s and I am ridiculously hot around ovulation.
    I started with an assisted chin up of 70 lbs, now I can do 110.
    For years I was rather obsessed with food; could remember everything I ever ate. Now food is food. I mostly want balanced meals. I have no cravings. I eat ice cream or donuts now and then but they don’t call my name anymore, because I eat enough. I have several varieties of “junk” food in my house at all times and I rarely feel like eating it.
    I am free of food hangups. I used to be orthorexic, skipping meals rather than eat a substandard meal. Now if I need calories, I pick from what’s available that sounds tasty.
    The freedom is AMAZING. And giving my kids freedom has also been amazing.
    I still try to avoid PUFAs at home but don’t sweat what I eat out.
    I feel strong. I can’t do a ton of high intensity cardio but I can walk for miles.

    Everything I have done is sustainable for me. I don’t eat or exercise in a way that I don’t enjoy or want to stop doing.
    Yes, I have a lot of body fat, and I have a high BMI (IDGAF about BMI). But, in December I met with a new gynecologist. He said I look very healthy, and was very surprised when he glanced down at my weight/BMI on the chart. I’m pretty solid.
    For a while now I have started to feel comfortable with myself at this size/shape. I like the muscles in my thighs, and my biceps after I do chin ups, and the curve of my butt. I am noticing small changes now that make me like what I see even more.
    I was never happy with my body when I dieted. It never looked like I thought it should, even at 135 pounds.
    I totally see now that you have to feel good on the inside before you will really feel good about the outside.
    I wouldn’t even care about my size/weight except that it is harder to find cute clothes and I don’t want to be judged by thin people.

    I’m working on sleep. It’s still not amazing, but I generally go to bed earlier (at least 7 hours) and try to sleep in once or twice a week. Last week I slept 11 hours one night.

    Oh – I don’t usually pee as much at night.

    Thanks for reading; I hope this can serve as a data point for you to help others,

    Matt Stone

    I get long emails, lol.

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