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    Does anyone else avoid these, and if so, has it worked for joint and muscle pain?

    Background: 53F, mainly healthy except for really stiff and sore achilles tendons and thumbs. Worse when I first get up or after sitting awhile.

    I was zerocarb from 2009 to 2011, and then became primal/ paleo. I felt incredib good ZC and attributed this to eliminating gluten, but last fall this pain started even without any gluten in my diet. Started RRARFing mid Feb and gained about 12 lbs . Not really feeling like exercise because of the pain. Dumped nightshades ( tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, chili powder, cayenne and potatoes ) 9 days ago. I have heard it can take weeks or months to get full effect. Any input welcome! I know I could take otc pain meds or see a dr for something stronger but I think that would just be masking the true cause.

    Matt Stone

    Personally I developed pain, and still do today in the Achilles especially (feels like a stiffness, and starts to feel injury prone) if I eat too much meat. For whatever that’s worth. After eating super high meat for years I had to go through a pretty lengthy phase of eating a pretty low-meat diet. Nightshades can be a problem for those in a pretty compromised condition, but otherwise shouldn’t be problematic enough to trigger noticeable negative symptoms such as those. Anyway, good luck it. You might go check out Billy Craig’s work. He may have more insights after tearing his Achilles post-Paleo.


    eliminating nightshades did nothing for my stiffness and soreness especially when beginning to move. I did get better with MSM and Magnesium. I have heard MSM is important for soft tissue and Mg is responsible for the relaxing of muscles while Ca is responsible for muscle tightening. I do not know for sure if any of that is true I just know that I no longer have those issues since I started taking the MSM and Mg.


    CathyL- I did restart magnesium (malate) last this past week. I ordered some MSM..thanks.

    Matt- definitely worth a try. Is it just meat that you saw as a problem Or protein in general? Would dairy and some fish be okay? Sorry if I sound obssesive, but I just want to get this fixed as I feel about 80 most mornings.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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