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No appetite postpartum

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    I had my son 3 weeks ago, and since then I’ve had almost no appetite. When I do get hungry nothing sounds appetizing at all. I can eat a couple crackers and be fine for hours. Just as an example, yesterday I had cereal, a couple pretzels, some grapes, and a small helping of Mac and cheese for the day. I don’t think I have any low metabolism symptoms; I’m usually reasonably warm for winter in the Midwest, and I’m having regular BMs. I know there are quite a few moms who comment here, has anyone else experienced this? Just not sure if its normal or if I should be worried.


    It’s common, though I experienced the opposite. Some say that they start craving very bland food, and I know for me, I ate the same dinner for months after my last one, which was honey glazed squash (very caramelized is how I liked it) with plain pork and plain millet. The millet was a bad idea to keep up with for so long, but I’m guessing I craved it because it was sweet.

    It seems women who loose their appetite see it return at least by the second month, so I wouldn’t be too worried, but make sure you watch out for signs of calorie deficiency, like shakiness. Snacking throughout the day is probably a good idea.

    I think it’s a normal hormonal response to adjusting to having baby outside of the body. But if you lost a lot of blood, it can be due to low iron stores.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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