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Is this normal?

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    Hi Everyone I found this website last week and got the Diet Recovery 2 book.
    I already began upping my calories before even finishing it. The first few days I had to force feed to get over 2000 calories but yesterday I became ravenous I mean insanely ravenous. I ate 5889 calories yesterday and I went to bed hungry I was too tired to get up to eat even though I felt starved.
    I am emotional today. Angry, irritated, crying randomly and feel anxiety. I also feel like isolating. I do not want to reach out or socialize I just want to eat and sleep and be left alone.I kind of feel like I am hiding out. I even yelled at my cat for wanting attention while I was trying to eat I just wanted to be left alone to eat. I am exhausted and napping all the time I canceled everything this week and have been napping and eating mostly around other minimal responsibilities. I expected to feel tired and nap and rest but this level of emotional stuff is really surprising me.
    Is this normal, what is going on?
    Thank you
    I am female 38 years old. Today I am 205 lbs started at 202 a few days ago. 5 foot 6 inches. I have a history of yo yo dieting and calorie restriction. I have also been on low carb in the past and raw vegan blah blah blah you know the drill.

    I would appreciate any insight into this emotional state I am in.
    Thank you.


    @Thamber- Nothing sounds abnormal, either the mood changes or the very high appetite. It’s great that you can clear your schedule and give yourself this chance to really rest and nourish yourself.

    You might want to check out Your Eatopia. Here and here are two posts on extreme hunger. Here is one about crankiness related to hunger. It may offer some context for your experience. Here’s an FAQ and here’s a full index of the blog. It’s an overall great site for those in recovery from disordered eating.

    Follow your hunger, nourish yourself well and give it time. Establishing good health after a history of restriction takes a little time and adjustment. Hang in there.


    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer and thank you for the links :) I could just hug you and Matt.

    I have spent my day reading everything I could. Here on this site and all of the links you shared with me.

    I am actually grateful to see that my hunger and binging all makes so much sense now. Before I started restricting I ate tons and was thin with a huge appetite…then people began commenting that if I keep eating like that I would get fat( they were all heavier then me)..and so the restricting began, then it was the “healthy” diets, juicing, vegan uggg :( I’ve cried quite a bit today over ignoring my poor body. If only I had continued listening to my hunger instead of other people who knew nothing of my activity level or anything (I worked on farms and was a dancer can you imagine :( trying to eat what people with regular jobs were eating and ignoring my hunger…so sad I didn’t even know I was starving myself.I am so happy to allow myself to eat when I am hungry now and get back to trusting my body. Grateful that this forum and site are here.

    Yes, I was lucky I already had planned on taking time off this week but I also canceled my sessions with my trainer at the gym. I couldn’t have done anything if I wanted to anyway. I could not keep my eyes open the last few days.

    I have another question. Today about an hour ago after eating my pulse got very, very strong and raised. My heart rate increased and I am sweating. I took my temp and it is 99.93. I couldn’t find anything about this on the other site unless I missed it. My pulse is normally difficult to feel and is very light, this is a strong, strong pounding

    My morning temps have been around 97.16.

    Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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