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    Temps are 98 ish most of the time. Hands and feet always warm. Nails grow fast, don’t lose a ton of hair in the shower, periods have always been present and regular. Anxiety has improved. However, skin is still very very dry, digestion sucks, and I have auto-immune symptoms even though a blood test showed no actual disease and low overall inflammation. So I’m confused as to whether my metabolism is in good shape or not. I’ve never really tracked my calories but I probably eat between 2000-2500 a day with occasional days going higher. I’ve been eating what I want for over a year and have put on a good 30 pounds but just recently started growing a bigger tummy which is now starting to hang over my pants. And I think I may have gained more. So…eat more? cut back on cals and exercise? Keep doing what I’m doing and focus on sleep? (That could definitely be improved) Ack! I’m so lost!

    Matt Stone

    If any piece is missing, sleep especially, you’re probably not going to reach peak function. Eating less and exercising more is rarely the answer, especially if you still have a few low metabolism symptoms lingering and dry skin. I would keep calories up and sleep more and reassess in a month or so from now.


    Sleep is a HUGE thing for me. If I don’t sleep I am a wreck, both physically and emotionally. Before I started eating more I was running, and if I slept badly the night before, my run was always horrible the next day – lead legs!! Tired! Freezing cold and exhausted afterward! Sometimes if I get poor sleep I will be cold no matter what I eat. I’ve had symptoms of fibromyalgia (which mimic symptoms of hypothyroidism – which have always been ruled out, but are also the same as symptoms of low metabolism) for 20+ years and they are slowly lessening from eating and sleeping more. I am active but do not exercise formally… I’m taking care of my kids now and we are going to be building a house!! So I’ll be exercising plenty coming up here!


    Thanks so much!! Now I have something to work on. I wondered if my erratic sleep patterns might be playing a bigger part than I thought. Is it vital to sleep solidly through the night? I always wake up a few times. Haven’t slept the night through in 10 years!


    I’m the same way. Sleep is HUGE for me. One night makes a difference. For me, yes, sleeping solidly through the night is what I need to do best on. If I woke up a few times every night I’d be worthless.


    I used to wake up all the time throughout the night. Minimum 2-3 times per night I’d get up to pee but regardless of that I’d wake up probably 3-8 times per night. I got blackout blinds, got rid of TV and all lights in the room but would still wake up. Since refeeding and resting, I’ve been sleeping much much better and last night was the first night I don’t remember waking up. I noticed that I felt a little colder before bed so I had some salt/sugar mixture and a few bite of coconut ice cream. Then I put on some socks and fell fast asleep. It seems like your eating is on point but I notice that having a small snack of something salty and sweet before bed makes a huge difference! If I’ve eaten a big dinner with dessert than I don’t usually need this but I often eat dinner at 6 and find myself a bit hungry around bedtime at 10 or 10:30. I also stop watching TV right before bed and try and take a bath, soak my feet and then read for an hour or so before bed. Good luck, Christy!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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