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    Are you obsessed with your body’s appearance?

    Did your focus on your body get you started on your first diet? Do your daily activities revolve around eating healthy, exercising, and judging yourself as “good or bad” depending upon what impact those activities will have on your body?

    Matt Stone

    One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is how different of an environment we live in compared to past centuries. We are surrounded by pictures (modern invention), tv ads and images (modern invention), and are effectively comparing ourselves to a fantasy.

    The only time I don’t really think about how I look at all and get to enjoy how freeing that can be is when I’m out camping and backpacking and stuff. It never even enters my consciousness.

    Historically people only had to compare how they looked with people living nearby who were always clothed. No starved and dehydrated, oiled-up and spray tanned, steroid-filled and photoshopped cover models, no mirrors hanging everywhere, and no media constantly showing you images of the most aesthetically-elite people on earth to make you feel inadequate.

    Tough to handle everything in the modern world on the psychological front.


    I agree with you, Matt. I love when I’m camping and when I first started eating more and gaining weight I cried to my husband and said I just wanted to move to a farm (we have a dream of moving out of LA and having a farm). I first felt that camping at an outside music festival and have always felt similarly when camping and away from magazines, tvs, etc.

    Lianda, I am becoming less obsessed with my body’s appearance but it still plays a huge role in my life. I’m getting more used to the changes in my body but I do look forward to getting more fit and not just fat so I guess I do have a view that fat is less desirable at least on me. I honestly don’t care what others look like, I just judge myself. My earliest memory of wanting to be thinner was when I was around 5 and it just spiraled out from there and I would see magazines, television, my parents, etc talk about diets, exercise, being thin. I hated myself growing up and thought everything would be better if I was skinny. I had a notebook and I would cut out magazine pictures and put them in there as inspiration. Luckily things improved as I got older and recovered from an eating disorder but when I got into crossfit and paleo that was replaced with healthy living blogs and I would judge myself based on my workouts, body, and clean eating.


    My research shows that the subconscious thoughts of self-condemnation, lead the body to react as if it’s not “safe”. Safety is the #1 most important belief that body strives to support, according to the well accepted Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. You can’t move up the triangle until you feel safe.

    You can work to change that focus using EFT and other Energy Psychological techniques. It shows you how to love and accept the body you have right now; instead of “when” you are “perfect”.


    Lianda, what if you feel as though the body image you have is only temporary?

    This is something that stops me from accepting the body I have. But this is also due to having extra weight from two pregnancies in quick succession, which is why I feel it is temporary. I imagine that I will lose extra weight when I wean my son, but do you think this is a negative way to think, and that it would be worth trying to accept things the way they are?

    I would be interested in how you see EFT working in this regard.

    Best wishes, crinkly

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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