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optimum baby formula recipe?

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    james smith

    does anyone have any baby formula recipe recommendations for a mother that has to wean her baby and go back to work?


    Hannah Ransom

    How old is the baby? I know there are some raw milk formulas in nourishing traditions, which seem like they would be best for a young baby for they can still get the immune benefit from the raw milk rather than pastuerized. You just have to make sure to get the raw milk from a really good source. Goat is also probably better than cow.


    Please do NOT make your own formula. It is dangerous. I’m upset that people on this site would advocate for this as well. It’s one thing to experiment with your own health, but it’s very selfish to experiment with your baby’s. Formula is one of the most highly regulated foods today- it’s very safe. Again, please don’t make your own formula, especially out of raw milk.


    I used Sally Fallon’s formula with my last baby and will use it again with this baby if again I can’t breast-feed. There are a couple of recipes in the nourishing traditions book. I had a bit of trouble with the recipe using liver so I stuck with the other one and had no probs at all. I hopefully will never use commercial formula again, full of trans fats – it’s diabolical.


    It is not ‘diabolical’ that’s ridiculous. I’m looking at my son’s formula and there are no trans fats. Yep, I don’t breastfeed and didn’t even really try. Making your own formula can be detrimental to your baby’s health.


    A bit late to reply but my advice to James Smith is to pump milk, refrigerate it and use that, free and ideally suited to your own infant and it will change as their needs do. This ought to be especially easy for you since you indicate that you are already breastfeeding.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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