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    Sex hormone binding globulin.

    ^^^ the above article is a lucky find. Doctors and websites alike, such as Livestrong will give advice on freeing up sex hormones by eating things that reduce the amount of, you guessed it, sex hormone binding globulin. However, they are not entirely wrong in their idea’s, but it can be lowered too much because SHBG, like most things, needs balance. At least according to this article form inside tracker.

    Personally I am fat and sedentary and I found it difficult to commit to RRARF-ing even though I still feel agreeable with it. I am hoping that SHBG level blood tests could lead me to a similar area along with taking the conventional advice of lowering my SHBG.

    This is what I mean. Let me be more specific.

    I want to lower my very probably high SHBG levels and that idea is the convention, even though it is not good to lower the level too much, given the information in this article in opposition to that convention. I say conventionally because there are conventional SHBG lowering foods that are also very good for capillary health such as Buckwheat. I love ‘drinking milk’ and milk carries etrogen and testosterone, perhaps adding stress to metabolism. Milk also would cause something called postprandial lypemia. This is simplified in saying a wave of fat going through the body. I imagine that reducing this is good for my circumstance of chronic sleep deprivation and capillary suffering. There was a time when I had done interval exercise and gotten rid of a lot of fat, but it caused something on my ankles called pigmented purpuric dermatosis. The pigment is very faded now, but I think that adding Horse chestnut extract in a topical ointment may help. Horse chstnut extrac apparently has something in it called aecsin that is apparently very good for capillary health.

    In conclusion I think this article is a very good one in what it provides. I feel that This is more or less what I will base my diet on because I personally feel comfortable with it. I don’t know if this will be recieved or if anyone reads these anymore. I haven’t visited 180 degree health for a long time, but I hope people can benefit from the ideas I’ve presented here.


    I’m not sure how to update this so in case anyone is reading this thread I think I was wrong to assume that my SHBG was high. all of the articles I read regarding obseity state that it has a possitive correlation with LOW levels of SHBG. low levels of SHBG also seem to be positively correlated with metabolic syndrome and obesity is possitively correlated with metabolic syndrome. This doesn’t necessarily mean the diet changes I’ve made for myself are bad. It all requires more investigation on my part. I was assuming my SHBG would be high because I was consuming olive oil and milk regularly, and because of the adiponectin in fat supposedly increases SHBG. The only way for me to know for sure is to get a blood test. It’s my understanding that it is normal to have this checked once a year. The article I posted before is still good information, I think I misinterpreted some of it the first few times I read it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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