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How to overcome low carb induced hypoglycemia?

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    Very angry and frustrated here. Been eating 3500 cals daily worth of starch (white rice, potatoes, corn, bananas), sat fat and protein for TWO WEEKS but still can’t experience my symptoms subsiding. They are not recurring after every meal like previously but they are still so intense that I feel extremely anxious and confused.

    They seem to last for only several minutes now, or just not happen at all. But recovering from such a low takes hours and it can return unexpectedly.

    I can’t have adrenal fatigue at 23 and don’t know why low carb could trigger such long term health issues. Blood tests results are normal. My patience is wearing thin. I can’t eat a carby breakfast without having to take a 3 hour nap afterwards.


    Took me a month to get over the main hump. I gave myself that time and I slept all I could. I took one or two naps every day. I didn’t have hypoglycemia but I was the walking dead half the time. 2 weeks just isn’t very long. You are seeing improvements, you just have to give your body time. The spells will be farther and farther in between until they are pretty much gone altogether. But you may get to a point where you haven’t had one for a week and have one and feel frustrated but look back and remember your progress. That’s how it went for me. The good spells became longer and the bad spells further apart and shorter. I started back in March, coming off low carb as well (ketosis combined with low calorie) and I feel really good now. I have been working hard and I’m slowly losing fat too (I do track calories but I’m not goin hungry.


    I mean I run and have a huge garden I work by hand in rocky soil and a farm and work as a farrier part time so I do a lot of physical labor now and I have the energy for it and feel great and eat lots o food :) like yesterday I ate about 3,500 hundred calories but I worked all day as well (cleaning the barn and building a feeder) and I’m losing fat. In the beginning i ate that or more many days a d slept a lot. When I was 17 I was so bad off I couldn’t do just the garden part (I’m 28, today in fact).

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    Ashley – happy birthday :)

    Cindy – I’ve been about 2 weeks too and I’m so tired all the time. I think on GoKaleo she said that being tired at first is your cells repairing themselves so your body wants to conserve energy. But she also said give it about a month.

    It could depend on where you are in your cycle too – I know that there’s always 1-2 days that I can’t keep my eyes open and when I look at the calendar, it’s always the same days every month lol


    Hi Ashley, glad to hear you’re doing better. Describe the ‘hump’? Were you just tired all the time? I find my concentration and mental acuity has declined ever since my 20g carbs Atkins stint for a few weeks, and I’ve never recovered since. I thought getting back on the carbs would instantly help me overcome the lethargy but little did I know of the long term consequences (for some) associated with extreme dieting like the one Atkins or the idea of ketosis promote.


    Yea, for me, it was mostly being tired, having no energy. Then I would have some energy and then crash. I took naps when I crashed. Something that frustrates me as I like to be active and I have been burnt out on all that with my “adrenal fatigue” from 17 yrs old. But I just slept and slept and slept.

    I think of it like you went into debt, an energy debt. Sucky part of debt is always the having to pay it back.


    @Ashley Happy belated Birthday…..I have kind of an unrelated question.
    You mention being parttime farrier,did you do a study for that or how did you learn? You mention doing it parttime,do you have another job along with being a farrier?

    I ask this,bc I’d love to have an active job,preferrably outside or at least with the option,but I have no idea what to do and the problem that I have no relevant skills and/or schooling. And the problem’s that I can’t afford to pay for a study/course. And,since I have no proper skills&certificate (or an idea what I could do/become) I don’t get hired anywhere….so I keep being stuck in this unemployment circle for 3years now.:(


    @Dutchie – maybe you could find some volunteer work or work experience where you could experience some jobs, and meet people who work in a similar field of interest. I think especially with work experience, if someone can see how motivated you are to learn, and work, there is probably half a chance that they will give you a job.

    Maybe you could do some reading on the subject you are interested in? Read websites, watch youtubes, blogs, etc. IF you are knowledgable on the line of work you are interested in this will also help. There are lots of free recourses to learn.

    Email and phone people. Tell them your story. Let them know how interested you are, and how motivated you are to give it a try. I am sure you will find someone! Put pride aside and give it a shot :)

    Reassess the story you are telling yourself. No skills = No job = no money = no skills = no job …. Cant cant cant can’t.. too hard too hard too hard. Flip it around to can can can can

    Best wishes!


    i think you are eating too much potrtasium and not enough sodium!


    @Oldmate thanx 4the suggestions,im doing that and more already for nearly 3years.
    The problem is mostly that unemployment rate is so high,even people with skills and years of relevant workexperience,that companies are not willing to invest time and money in newbies no matter how motivated you are.(ive actually heard several times at jobinterviews that i was by far the most motivated candidate,but that they hired someone with years of workexper8ence).
    Motivation doesnt count for anything anymore,as does workexper8ence obtained from voluntaryjobs.
    Besides that there are lots of laws that make it hard for companies who would be willing to give you a shot. Ive written so many companies to ask if. I could just trial for a week unpaid,so id get a realistic view of what a certain job entails&feels like….but insurance matters,amongst others,make this impossible.
    You see,there are jobs that migth interest me but i cant make a decision bc ive never actually experienced what they are like,so you only have this romantic view of something in your head. And there arent any voluntaryjobs in most of these cases.
    But im also running out of ideas/inspiration as to what jobs one could do….so if you migth know a good site with lots of vids/experiences in all kinds of workfields that’d be more than welcome!….a kind of a informative jobdatabase,ideally of active/physical (outside jobs).

    Oh and to top off all the madness….im also labelled too old,at 31!….and the fact that im female for certain jobfields like construction.


    @Dutchie, I don’t know if you’ve already looked into this, but WWOOFing and similar gigs (down here in oceania there are a lot of dairy farms doing this sort of thing, for instance) allow you to do an outdoor/active job temporarily, requiring no experience, and providing you with food/lodging–might be a good way to try out and get a feel for some of the kinds of jobs you’re interested in, and after racking up some experience maybe look into getting a more permanent deal somewhere? sorry if this is something you’ve already investigated!


    @heatherduke yes ive looked into wwoof and.helpx,seems like fun….when you have a good adress,bc ive read quite some horrorstories as well:)
    Both organisations and participants advocate that you have some savings at. Hand to travel inbetween and i have none as im in debt already which is not.deminishing….so id be lucky if i could buy a ticket to get to the required destinarion by selling all my belongings.

    And if id. Like to come back i have nothing left anymore,still no money and nowhere to stay bc i.dont jave to count on support from my family nor have friends where i could stay.

    Suggestion 4the good 180moderator peeps;a general life(style) subforum would be. Nice for general questions like mine bc i dont want to hijack this thread,but would love to hear peoples suggestions and possibly own experiences regarding this


    Hi Cindy,

    I’ve had a pretty long history with hypoglycemia and even last month i was having a lot trouble (had to eat every 90mins and even if i was 10-15mins late i would feel awful)

    A few things worked for me

    1) Biotin supplementation – this doubled how long i could go without food in just a couple of days, this taking 5000mg per day in 2 doses (5000mg at once gave me a terrible migraine)

    2) Super clean diet – I’m far from an expert so i don’t understand the specifics but i know i improved when cutting out all fruit, sugar etc. Even a tiny tiny amount of sugar would put me on a blood sugar rollercoaster for a few days. I get my carbs from rice and potatoes, the rest of my food would be meat and veg only. Even concentrated forms of veg like beetroot capsules would cause problems.

    3) Coconut oil – find about 20g-25g every 12hrs to be helpful

    4) Buteyko – this is the golden bullet really, the CO2 stabalises blood sugar so quickly. I went from pretty bad to pretty much perfect in just a few days.

    good luck!

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