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Overfeeding and Candida, Ferments and Alcohol.

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    Hey guys and girls,

    I’m fairly new to this and have read 2 of Matt’ books.

    With regards to overfeeding (my tmps are very low), part of my problem us a fungal infection which appears to be systemic (GI tract, skin etc). Usually too much in the way of sugars just gives the fungus/candida plenty of food to grow from, as does eating too much as undigested food becomes food for fungus and parasites. Having said that, since the Kauffman protocol only worked for me to a point, I’m giving Matt’s ideas a go, but…

    I haven’t read anything so far with regards to probiotics or at least eating fermented foods?

    Also no mention of anti fungals such as Thieves or any basic remedies.

    My understanding of Matt’s work is not to focus on the individual pathologies and that by raising my body temp my immune system will be able to keep the fungus in check etc, but I also don’t want to keep eating a lot of sugars and eating a lot of food if the fungus is just going to get most of it and worsen.

    Ay thoughts?

    Also, can someone please let me know if alcohol raises or lowers metabolism? I’m a non drinker but some recent research suggests that one or two drinks in the evening could put me into a deeper sleep.



    As per what I understand from Matts work

    Continue to eat normally, do not exclude any specific food, unless its an allergy, gut bacteria should sort its self out, maybe eating more yogurt, kimchi, ect on top of a probiotic

    and any excess fluid consumed beyond thirst will have a cooling effect in the body, Matts advice is to eat something salty and starchy when drinking

    Mexican Coke

    Candida is such a tough one to deal with but raising your metabolism WILL help in a way that nothing else has (speaking from experience).

    If you get symptom flares could you take diflucan for a few days to beat it back while you are continuing to boost metabolism?

    I’m pretty sure alcohol is terrible for metabolism because it causes more estrogen to be produced which is very anti-metabolic. If you don’t drink I would not suggest starting and it sounds like you need your liver to work much better already. I would eat as instinctually as possible. Believe it or not there is a woman who cured her candida by eating nothing but cookies for a few weeks. Because it’s all she wanted to eat. Tell that to the candida experts! Ha. Good luck with everything

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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