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Pain in the right side under the right last rib

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    Several times during the week I feel a pain in this zone of the body. It began after I started to eat in an abundant and constant way… i can’t understand what it can be… it’s not really a pain but a nuisance, as if something is touching me in that point …


    Same thing happened to me years ago. It’s now a rather regular annoyance. Mine is on the left side, and is related to constipation. If I don’t eat enough fiber and fat, or I eat too much protein it’s problematic.

    Matt Stone

    Only after overfeeding for quite some time did I develop this, although on the left side not the right. It had nothing to do with constipation. Just felt like a revolt against eating in excess for too long. It might be a cue to back off a little bit. What is your temperature, how long have you been working on spiking calorie intake, etc.


    My temps are vary changeable, in the morning are 36.1/36.2, during the day rise at 37.2, and it stay about that measurement if it get down it can reach 37.7, but no more down. :)


    Well, I began spiking calories in december, but the real spike was from April. :)


    I have been experiencing this pain on right side under rib. Thanks for bringing it up. Started getting it about 2 weeks into upping calories and introducing all sorts of stuff I haven’t had for a long time (fruit loops, oatmeal, cookies, bread)

    My initial thoughts were that it could perhaps be a bit of a sluggish liver, as the pain sometimes refers to my right shoulder. Could be no correlation at all but just a thought. However I do trust that my body will overcome it. I have also been experiencing heavy breathing, an extremely ‘thick’ HR, shivering, and feel like crawling out of my skin. It’s early days but it is improving.

    I started working on a Ray Peat inspired diet about 8 months ago after about 2 yrs of paleo and an excess of physical exertion. The peat diet was great, and showed initial improvement on my verybweak metabolism, though I found the fruit and liquids weren’t working so much and I gravitated towards potatoes. Potatoes got me to a point but I once again felt like I was in dietary prison once again. This is a very liberating but scary process as I break down the years of food (and what i thought was health) obsession.

    In the last two weeks my temps are now 36.2 in the morning, and get as high as 37.2 in afternoon/evening. I never saw them that high before especially because its winter here in melbourne.

    Yeeha to nutritional liberation!


    Oldmate, as you can read I’m in yor identical condition, our temps are equal xD


    this same thing happened to me, and I can’t really say what it is. it felt like it was intestinal, but only really bothered me when I was laying down too much.

    i would say that the human body does really well with routine and sameness, and throwing a huge excess of calories at it all at once could cause some strange things to happen for sure. maybe consider easing into it and not forcing as much, giving your physiology time to adjust.


    get it checked out for gallstones. Especially if it is sharp pain directly under the right ribs (where the liver would be located), or transferred to the right shoulder as mentioned above.

    I had gallstones at 17 as a result from calorie restriction and then eating a lot of fatty foods / eating more calories to regain the weight I had lost.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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