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Did all paleo ancestors crash from adrenal exhaustion?

Blog Forums Nutrition Did all paleo ancestors crash from adrenal exhaustion?

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    Wendy B

    I believe there could be *some* truth in Matt’s premise that low carb/paleo can lead to health problems that are caused by exhausting the adrenals through this eating approach. But two points come to mind that seem unanswered…

    1.) Paleo does not have to be low carb. One can eat a lot of fruit and potatoes/root veggies so as to to not eat low carb. I don’t see Matt addressing this very much. He seems to have lumped paleo with low carb.

    2.) Matt says that for most people, paleo eating will lead to adrenal exhaustion and resultant health problems within 6 mos to 2 yrs…But if this is true, wouldn’t our paleo ancestors experienced the same fate? If that were true, they shouldn’t have been able to survive, to hunt, gather, survive extremely cold winters, etc…..They should all have been sick and disabled after a few years on this diet. In answer, perhaps some have glorified how hearty our ancestors were, but surely they were hardier than one would be if Matt is correct that paleo leads to suffering total adrenal exhaustion due to lack of bread and sugar.



    I really don’t know for certain, but I think one reason why our ancestors did well was because they consumed every part of the animal, whereas we only tend to eat the muscle meat.

    From my limited observation, I get the impression most that try and eat low carb don’t eat the full animal, in combination with going out of their way trying to consume as many raw vegetables as possible. I don’t think our ancestors would have done that.

    However, I could have this all completely wrong.

    Wendy B

    What exactly would eating the organs do that would have so drastically helped our adrenals and thyroid. Actually a lot of paleo folks do eat the organs and most eat cooked veggies.

    I’m interested if anyone has heard Matt respond to these questions though. I haven’t read everything he’s written but I did read Paleo Myths and I don’t recall him addressing these seemingly obvious things.

    Wendy B

    Also, from what I recall, Matt is not that thrilled about eating organs (am I recalling right?). His chief complaint isn’t that paleo eating lacks nutrition from rare sources (like organs) but that paleo simply lacks the macronutrient *carbs*, which he claims ultimately burns out the adrenals and lowers metabolism/thyroid.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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