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paleo diet deficiencies in children

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    I was paleo during almost two years and my daughter was breastfed during that time. She didn’t eat cereals (bread, pasta, rice) because we believed they were dangerous for her health. The fact is that when we walked away from the paleo diet and started to eat everything she gained weight and height. She started to be much more active and happier.
    My question is, since paleo diet is quite damaging and nutritional deficient for your metabolism should I give her multivitamins besides all the real food I give to her?

    Sorry for my poor english. I’m portuguese. :)



    Hi AnaMargarida
    I started a topic (I think under “Eating Disorders”) about kids and food. Matt and some others replied with some advice about feeding kids – might be worth a look there. I’m not sure, but I suspect if kids are eating a good balance of palatable foods covering the major macro-nutrients, the micro-nutrients will take care of themselves. I’ll defer to Matt & others more knowledgeable than I on that though.
    Your English is beautiful. I’d love to be able to write Portuguese that well!


    Hi SBC037,

    I’m going to check your topic, thank you. :) I think you’re probably right. If she eats well there will be no lack of nutrients. I’ve been so worried because I keep thinking that I might have destroyed her health due to those stupid paleo years.

    Thanks for your kind remark about my English.

    Obrigada! (thank you, in portuguese)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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