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    This is kind of long, because I’m annoyed and in need of venting, so there is a tl;dr at the end.

    I had no period for most of two years (caused by restriction), no pains. I re-gained my period, no pain that time. I went on birth control pills for two years, and periods were painful but bearable with one painkiller. When I went off birth control pills two years ago, at first my period timing was messy – usually 7-10 weeks, and I did get cramps but they were bearable. At this time I wasn’t aware that I was still restricting, because I wasn’t being strict or “dieting”, but probably still was a bit (was also binging as a result).

    Now, in the last year or so my periods have become more like every 4-7 weeks, which is probably a good sign (more regular!)…. but they are so painful on the first proper day (I say proper because I bleed very lightly for about 5-7 days before the “start” of my period), and sometimes the second day too. I can’t do anything in this time. No amount of painkillers help, I’m just camped out on the toilet with a heat patch and my laptop, tearing up from the pain. I’ve lost too many days at work thanks to this. There have been times where I seriously worried that the pain would make me pass out or vomit (luckily never happened). I’ve missed a holiday because I was in so much pain on the day of my flight that I couldn’t make it. I don’t know what to do anymore! How to deal with the pains?

    tl;dr – Since no longer restricting, I have very very bad period pains that get in the way of life for 1-2 days. Not sure how to deal.


    Just to add, on the first painful day I also get painful bowel movements that result in somewhat loose and sticky stool. Double whammy.

    Hannah Ransom

    There was another thread in which Matt talked about how it often happens to women who re-feed, but it ends up going away. I don’t have experience with re-feeding, so I’m not much help.
    If I were in your position, as hard as it is, I would try to wait it out and then go from there depending on if you see improvement or not.


    I’ve been at the re-feed thing for 1 1/2 years now, and everything still sucks! BAH *grumble grumble*

    Hannah Ransom

    Hmm… I’ve never done any re-feeding, like I said, so I’m not expert, but if you have been doing well with everything (rest, sleep, etc.) after 1.5 years I would personally try tweaking stuff! That’s a long time of doing something perfectly to have something so messed up with your health.

    Are you pretty intuitive about what you choose to eat, when you rest, etc. I can see re-feeding (again, no expert) as being a good thing for a while, just to get you off the diet track, but I’m personally a fan of mostly whole foods, mostly organic, intuitive eating, intuitive rest/exercise/drinking, and not bugging out if you make a “bad” choice.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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