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    Hi ladies!

    I wanted to see if any of you had issues losing your period and have found success bringing it back? Here is my story:

    About a year ago my husband and I decided we wanted to start trying for kids (I was 31) and I got off the pill. Unfortunately, my period has not come back. I am thin and tend toward a whole eating approach. However, prior to being on the pill 4 years ago I was about the same weight but had a very regular period. I recently started eating more fat and adding more carbs into my diet. I have also gained about 5 pounds. I have tried everything from acupuncture to herbs to supplements, etc. I did get my adrenals tested and it showed that my cortisol was high. My thyroid also tested low. I would love to connect with some of the women on this board who might have a similar experience I do.

    Also, I cant get beyond the idea of eating processed foods. Whenever I eat anything processed I feel horrible after! I get asthma, I get a headache and my stomach hurts. I do have a gluten sensitivity, so that might be why. However, I wonder if increasing my intake of whole foods (raw milk, pasture raised eggs, fruits, sweet potatoes, fruits, avocados, wild salmon, liver, cocoa, grass fed butter, MCT oil, coconut oil,) will increase my metabolism and help bring my period back? Those are the types of food I currently eat and have been slowly increasing the last week or so.

    The Real Amy

    Hi Bonitachica, While I got my period right back after coming off the pill (after being on for 15 years), I will say my body remained screwed up for a long time (ovarian cysts and all kinds of other problems). Still not sure it’s 100% recovered, 3 years later. A number of my friends have taken months and months to get a period post-pill. Being on it for 4 years isn’t likely to be as problematic as 10+, but I would not underestimate the issues it can cause. Have you seen a real endocrinologist?

    I doubt it’s your weight that’s the problem, if you had the same weight with no issues pre-pill. However, if you were low-carb for awhile, that can cause a lot of metabolic issues that take time to heal.

    How many carbs are you eating now? Sounds like you may be eating a very fat-heavy diet, WAPF-style. Make sure you are eating plenty of carbs. A well-balanced diet is really best – square meals. Even if you have a gluten problem, you should be fine with white rice and white potatoes. Make sure you’re listing to what your body wants to eat, not what you think you “should” be eating. No need to eat processed junk, in my opinion, but including some refined foods like white rice can be helpful. Eat to hunger, not past it.

    Also, make sure you are getting plenty of sleep/relaxation.


    Thank you The Real Amy! Yes, I agree with you, I dont think its my weight that is the problem. I went low carb while on the pill. I am wondering if that might be the cause. Yes, I am seeing a RE. They want to bring out the big guns and start doing injectibles, etc. I want to give my body to bring back my period. I do eat a fat heavy, low carb diet. Thanks for your input!


    Here are some tips for you:

    Home Remedies for Irregular Periods


    Hey! Thanks for sharing the tips. It would be helpful for all women here.


    Useful link jennif92.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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