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    Courage12, I know what you mean about feeling like it’s because we’re older. When I was in my 20s and even 27 and 28, I would eat whatever (sometimes just small amounts), get very little sleep, drink alcohol and was thin and loving life. I think it just all caught up to me and that when I turned to paleo and started restricting grains and removing entire food groups that my health started to decline.

    It seems like you have tried many, many things so I don’t want to add on more but what works for me is just to be kind to myself when I have a hard time sleeping. It’s natural to get caught up about the ill effects you’ll have because of not sleeping but that just compounds it. For me, I try to relax and remember the times that I was fine with little sleep. I say to myself that my body knows what to do. I say some Metta (loving kindness meditation) such as, “May I be happy. May I be sleepy. May I be healthy. May I be at peace in my body and mind…” Have you tried essential oils? Lavender is very good for sleep. I put some on my feet before bed.

    The Real Amy

    Pregnancy/nursing use up a lot of stores, and so does an ED, so it does make sense that it’s harder now. I can only imagine being a mom is stressful, too.

    Maybe your doctor could provide more insight about the meds/sleep issue? He/she might be more familiar with what the side effects look like. Deepak Chopra helped my sleep in 2 nights, after having stress-caused insomnia for about 2 months, so I definitely recommend if it turns out to just be stress!


    Any chance you’re eating dairy right before bed? I used to have lots of issues with sleep, still do sometimes, and have noticed that eating cheese in particular before bed increases my heartrate, temp, etc, uncomfortably. Read why somewhere, and I dont’ remember, or know if it’s even legit. Just a thought. Good luck!


    I have found that taking 5HTP and GABA along with 500mg of Magnesium are a good sleep aid and they help calm the nervous system. I fall asleep in minutes, although I still wake up in the 2-4am window to pee, but I have only started my regimen on RRARF 2 days ago, so I don’t expect miracles LOL. I will say prior to finding this site I was following a site that encouraged eating your TDEE and once I started eating more I got my menses back and like clockwork every month now. I have PCOS and in 20+ years of having a cycle I would only get them 2-3x’s a year. Now I am 39 and done having kids I am as regular as ever…go figure. I think bumping my food up helped a lot. Now my goals are to get my body temps up and get the libido back and hopefully drop some body fat.

    I hope you can find some solutions to your issues. I can only share what I have experienced at this point.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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