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Pork rinds?

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    I know a lot of the people who read and post here are interested in increasing their gelatin consumption. Any of you eat pork rinds? They must be the cheapest, most convenient source of gelatin, and the only real downside I can think of would be the fat.


    I dont know exactly what pork rinds are,but isnt it possible to trim fat off?
    Lamb shanks are also good source of gelatin and from what ive heard,not that fatty.

    I guess the ultimate cheapest way would be,ti go to your local butcher/slaugtherhouse and ask if they have some bones lying around which you maybe can have for free (preferrably jointtissues) and than make bonebroth from it….


    the upside of pork rinds is that they are tasty!

    If you’re obsessive about PUFA then that would be the downside, of course. If you were to make pork rinds a staple then I can see that the concern would be warranted. Peat reportedly refries pork rinds in coconut oil to reduce the PUFA.


    apart from high or lowfat cuts of pork or pufas,there have been several reports about pork having an inflammatory substance.
    i think Chiefrok also wrote about its effect in a blogpost on his site.


    @j-lo, Peat refries pork rinds?! I knew he fried bacon to get the fat off, then refried it in coconut oil, but damn! Pork rinds?! Can you picture that in your mind?

    Somehow I always imagined him and L. Lee enjoying dirty weekends together up there in Eugene, using coconut oil. I can just imagine Lee dressed up in garters and Nazi regalia, yelling at him in a feigned German accent: More Coconut oil, YOU SLUT. All in my mind, but still fun to think about.

    Anyway, I thought the pork from places like Mexico were ok to eat, because of the way the pigs are fed (I remember something like that). I also imagine Peat wearing a t-shirt that reads “I <heart> Mexico, since it is the repository of the five edible fruits in the world. I used to get Mexican pork rinds (along with my Mexican coke) from a Mexican grocery store. Be careful, some brands have lots of MSG (others don’t).

    Anyway, the easiest way to Eat The Gelatin is just buy that Great Lakes gelatin and guzzle the stuff in a drink, make Jello with it or marshmallows. That way, you definitely avoid PUFAs and won’t humiliate yourself standing over a stove re-frying your pork rinds. Seriously, do you think you’re going to EVER get laid again, if word gets out that you’re re-frying pork rinds?


    There’s no way I would fry pork rinds in coconut oil, since the only reason I’m considering them at all is convenience. Basically, I’m trying to keep my protein consumption up without eating too many muscle meats, and as far as simple alternatives, pork rinds seemed like an easy, relatively normal way to get gelatin. Making bone broths and such would probably be healthier, but I’m probably not going to bother with that kind of preparation on a consistent basis. It reminds me too much of my neurotic WAPF days.

    I think I will try the powdered gelatin and see how that works. I’ll probably just buy pork rinds occasionally as a snack, when I want protein but am on the go.


    @David- I use the GL gelatin, and have used Bernard Jensen’s gelatin too, which depending on when you buy it, is either a little more or a little less than GL gelatin. Both come in pork or bovine forms.

    I usually go for the cow, and also haven’t had pork in a while. Matt had a post on why he doesn’t eat pork. Though he doesn’t make a big deal about it in the way Chief would.

    As for other non-muscle meat protein, greek yogurt is pretty solid at ~24g per cup. I also usually get in extra protein from Garden of Life rice protein powder and a mixed whey/casein/egg protein powder.


    Pork rinds are actually lower in fat that most chips.

    4 grams of fat per serving, 2 of which are saturated.

    Much better than a serving of Pringles or Doritos.


    Good call. I picked up a bag recently and noticed the fat content was much more reasonable than I had assumed it would be. They actually seem like a reasonable option for a high protein snack. I just wish my wife wouldn’t give me dirty looks when I buy them!


    In response to Thomas and Rob’s recommendation to buy powdered gelatin, I just received a dual pack of GL porcine gelatin (it was cheaper than the bovine), and I added some to a soup I made last night. It really enhanced the flavor–almost as much as real bone stock would have. I can definitely see this product becoming a part of my cooking repertoire, not only for soup but also for gravy, other sauces, and desserts. It’s always nice when a “health food” ends up being so tasty. I can’t say I’d want to eat it plain, though…

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