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    I’m really interested to hear about what this metabolism journey has been like for others.

    So far I haven’t seen a lot of examples of long term results. I’m sure there are plenty of them in the comment sections of the blog, but it’s difficult to search through those.

    It would be encouraging for people such as myself, who are just starting out, to get an idea of what to expect and maybe get some advice.

    Or if anyone can link to comments/posts that would be helpful, I would really appreciate that,too.


    I have been doing this for about a week. I decided to try it because I’ve always had digestion problems as well as cold hands and feet and low body temps, and a bloated stomach. I’ve tried several different diets but never for very long at all and have generally not been very disciplined with my eating habits. I did try to stick to whole grains, low fat, no soda, no fake sugar, etc when cooking at home though. But sometimes I would not adhere to any of that stuff and just eat junk or whatever I wanted. Stress has always been a main factor in my eating habits. I am late twenties, 5’2″, and not really that overweight but my stomach has always felt disproportionately bigger than the rest of me.

    I’ve been eating a lot of junk food- fast food, store bought cookies, hot dogs, soda, chocolate milk, etc. I am drinking a lot less fluids. There were a few days where I was daydreaming about gulping down lots and lots of water and wanted more fluids than what I needed, according to my body temps and urine color, but that has subsided.

    Already I am seeing my temps consistently 98 or above. I’m glad that has changed so quickly, so maybe this refeeding phase won’t have to last months and months. I also notice that my moods are more even through out the day. I used to be very sensitve to sugar, and also loved to eat it, so I often had a lot of anxiety due to it. I’m eating a whole lot of sugar now but don’t notice the effects of it so much. Eating it right before bed does make my thougths race some.

    I’m tired a lot. But I felt pretty low energy before, too. I have noticed that I wake up at 4 am often and then go back to sleep, like Matt said would happen.



    I have been refeeding since January 2013. I had the usual symptoms of a low carb over exerciser. I gained 30 pounds but many of my symptoms are great – hair and nails growing back and stronger. Better digestion and elimination. Good pluse rate. However my temps are rarely above 90.0 F. I still have cold hands (feet not so much). I eat both salt and sugar. I would love to know how to make my temp rise. That is the last part of the puzzle for me. I have started doing T-Tapp exercise which is restorative mind body exercise that doesn’t stress me out.


    Woah, 90 degrees?? I don’t have any advice but that seems dangerously low.

    So I think it’s been about two weeks. My temps are steadily above 98 degrees. Even when I wake up in the morning. They were between 95 and 97 previously. I think I’ve gained 2 pounds. I feel less bloated in general, but still heavier than is comfortable. A strange symptom I’ve noticed is a sore throat with coughing at night while in bed, not sure what that is about.

    My schedule is a little weird- I work evenings at a restaurant, so I often spend between four and six hours on my feet moving around pretty quickly nonstop. I usually eat breakfast when I get up, then once before work at around three or four, and then after work, with snacks throughout as I feel are needed. So my meal times are usually 10am, 3 or 4pm, and then maybe 10pm. I’m not sure how the night time activity at work or eating so close to bed time affects things.


    I’d like to hear from more people who have long-term results/success with diet recovery and restored metabolism, too. I wonder if the people who are pretty fully restored have moved on from this blog (and other “health” blogs) because they no longer need the guidance, information, etc anymore. I’ll share a bit of my experience, so far.

    I have restricted…something (fat, calories, sugar for many years, then gluten/grains and sugar most recently)…on and off for 23 years. I started my first diet at age 14 when I stopped growing taller and got “pudgy.” Ever since then, I’ve been on a quest for perfection and rarely have I been happy with my body. However, I’ve also never been greatly overweight (I’m 5’3″. My highest weight outside of childbearing years has been about 135, and the lowest 118…I have typically been high 120s). It’s always been that once I hit the mid 130s, I’d start “watching what I eat” and up my cardio exercise. In recent years, I got into long-distance running and triathlons. I did a couple of marathons, lots of halfs, several triathlons ranging in distance from sprint to half-iron, but ended up having bilateral knee surgery in November after an injury. Throughout all of that, I bounced up and down and all around with my weight. I never knew I had tanked matabolism until a few months ago. I’d had “symptoms” over the years, like hair falling out, depression, anxiety/irritability, irregular periods/PMS, migraines, couldn’t sleep well, frequent/urgent urination. I’ve also had lower-than-normal temperature for as long as I remember, but I never thought anything of it. I’ve considered myself “temperature sensitive,” meaning if it’s hot, I’m sweating like crazy, and if it’s cold, I’m shivering. Mid-May, I had a really bad migraine, accompanied by stomach pain/nausea, and I finally got fed up having never been able to pin-point a trigger (and, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back because I’m a mother of 3 and had to miss out on dinner out with my family for Mother’s Day because of my headache). My mom had recently begun a diet called the Hypothyroidism Revolution and came over to share the info with me because she’d learned enough to recognize hypothyroid in me. I started following the diet and almost immediately, my temps came up. It was basically eating lots of sugar and salt, full-fat dairy, fruit, only non-goitrogenic vegetables, plenty of starch, gelatin, a little bit of meat and shellfish. I can’t remember how I happened upon this website, but it was about a month ago, and I finally learned about METABOLISM, in the accurate sense of the word. After the inital up-tick in my temp on the HR diet, it went back down to 97 in the mornings and I’d have a hard time getting it up and keeping it up. So, I read both Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery 2 and started eating grains again (I’ve been grain and gluten free for several years…haven’t re-introduced gluten yet) and watching my fluid intake. I was very successful keeping my temp up from ovulation to menstruation, but it drops after mestruation and I’m having a hard time keeping it up. So, I’m still a work in progress. I completely stopped doing cardio and have only done a little yoga and very little resistance work over the last couple of months. My sleep has improved, my nails are growing like crazy, my hands/feet are a lot less dry, my mood is much improved, my hair isn’t falling out nearly as much, I haven’t had a headache (YIPPEE!!!!) since the one I spoke of in mid-May, I don’t pee nearly as often… I’m tired/lazy a lot of the time still, and I’ve gained just over 10 lbs and have had to buy some bigger clothes, which I am not happy about, but am trying to embrace it. LOL

    I hope you have continued success and work out the kinks!


    It’s interesting to read the symptoms of people recovering from low metabolism due to extreme restricted diets/exercise.

    I think my own low temps were caused mostly to poor stress management and poor sleeping habits, as I’ve always had jobs that require me to work nights, and for the past several years was working two jobs as well as parenting and finding little time for sleep. I think I was in a constant state of low level and sometimes high level stress that must have been the root of many of my problems, including low metabolism. I have always been concerned with diet/body image/excercise, but never too disciplined about it.

    I wonder what recovery due to mainly lack of sleep/high stress looks like compared with recovery from crazy dieting and over excercise?


    Since I started reading 180 Degree Health and Go Kaleo, I have learned to accept my current size which is 10, Mindanao medium. I am not overweight, never have been but many years ago I was size 6 and for many years I thought I should get back to that weight. Now I’ve stopped fruitlessly restricting calories. I gained a couple pounds then stabilized. My a.m. temp has gone from 96 to 97. I eat ice cream and/or other sweet treats every day. I was on a low fat diet for over a year due to severe heartburn (GERD), then a lower carb diet designed for that condition which enabled me to get off meds . I still have difficulty falling asleep and hate when my Kindle screws up my long post and wont let me fix it…….,.,………………….stillamedsmedsamamam still have difficulty falling asleep, I keep working on the concepts in Eat for Heat, especially getting


    Kind of long, but here’s my history and improvements from following the 180 degree health ideas.

    I’ve been reading 180 health website/ books for about a year now. I’ve seen my weight hit new heights, lol, but I simply don’t care since I am finally beginning to be able to function again. I guess the dieting started when I was 17 and went low fat. I was always a lethargic child and a little pudgy, 5’7″ and around 150, but when my older sister went on a diet to lose weight, I was all in. I didn’t know it then, but I’m assuming that’s what triggered my hypothyroidism also when I was 17. I was told I had Hashimoto’s but that was based on the fact that my TSH was 11, not on any other tests that I know of, so I really don’t know if I did/ do or not. The docs said I would grow out of it. After that it was four stressful years of college and even more calorie restriction. I got down to 112 pounds and thought I looked great. Looking back now, I think I looked very ill. Married right after college, stressful job situation, first child born within a year of marriage. That’s when the digestive problems hit, heartburn, oh my. GERD symptoms that Prilosec couldn’t even handle. When the digestive specialist, whatever they are called, told me to stay on Prilosec for the rest of my life, I lost all faith in mainstream medicine and went rogue. lol My first hours long session on internet searching was due to mouth ulcers and periodontitis that I had following the birth of child number two. I found the Weston Price Foundation and their literature. I found that switching to whole grains and cutting out sugar alleviated the mouth ulcers for whatever reason, but the whole grains made the heartburn/ GERD oh so worse. Then I found the GAPS/ SCD diet. Helped with the heartburn 90 percent, if I could only stay on it, but being pregnant and ravenously hungry with child number three made that impossible. lol Came across 180 degree health after the pregnancy and birth of child number three left me anemic and not able to get off the couch for three to five days at a time. I struggled this way for a year until I finally decided to give Matt’s scary, crazy methods a try. This last year being the most stressful of my life, I have still seen the first improvements in my health in years. I used to wait for the day that my health was perfect, but now I can achieve the goal of improvement daily. It’s a nice change in mental attitude. Eating the food is giving me my life back. I can now function. I have the freedom to eat what I want when I want. I can cook two to three meals (including yummy desserts!) most days and keep three kids from physically harming themselves or anyone else most of the time. I can keep up with laundry and keep the floor swept. I’m still not anywhere near where I used to be or would like to be with energy levels, but I’m improving, and that’s enough. My temps are still all over the place, but I hit 98.8 the other day. :) I can now eat WHEAT- wooo hooo- without heartburn! No more gluten-free pizza crust for me, Papa John’s all the way, baby! No more gulping down apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, cabbage juice, etc. dialy. My menstrual cycles used to be anywhere from 21- 26 days, (thus baby number three, lol) and my last three have been 27, 27, and 28. Yay for no more ‘unnecessary’ periods! lol And the best part, I’m happier, I’m less stressed in general, and I can handle more stress than I used to be able to. Watched six kids for 12 hours today, and didn’t even get frazzled. I still have a long way to go, but I’m so glad to finally be improving. My five year old son also who struggled with lethargy/ constipation from infancy, and even got to the point of near daily nosebleeds while eating ‘healthy GAPS style food,’ is now ‘going like a pro’ without any probiotics, prunes, magnesium, etc. That’s another story in itself, but wow, what a difference a little ice cream makes! I’m so thankful to have found this blog and am hoping for even more improvements in the future!

    mighty m

    wow SLS (can I call you that for short? lots of consonants there), that’s one heck of a story! Despite the length and no paragraph breaks, I read it straight through as if it were the second-to-last chapter of a Stephen King book.

    The one part that really stuck out was your saying that rather than waiting for perfect health in the indefinite future “I can achieve the goal of improvement daily.” And then you listed many really impressive improvements … great work! Sounds like you were really worn down before, starting when you were still a girl with the dieting.

    It makes me sad that many of us women basically begin womenhood several yards *behind* the starting line due to unnecessary stress and dieting/food restriction in adolescence. We are not encouraged to take advantage of the natural “tools” (mostly food! and also happiness and strength-building exercise) to prepare ourselves for strong, robust and, yes, sensual womanhood.

    Congratulations on your progress so far!

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