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Posture – Can it affect metabolic rate and/or temperature?

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    Hey guys, I’ve recently decided to fix my posture. I never really realised how fucked my posture was before I started reading into it. From years of sitting in front of a computer I’ve developed a pelvic tilt, forward head posture (kyphosis) and everted feet. These seem to be common postural problems among computer users. I’m just wondering if bad posture can affect your metabolism? I’ve read that bad posture can affect digestion and can lead to constipation, so I thought maybe it can affect other things within the body. I’m just wondering if anyone has any knowledge regarding this or experience?


    my chiropractor calls steve jobs, “saint jobs”. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the posture and metabolism were linked, after sorting out my posture I know that my neck is literally connected to my foot, so why not hormones etc? If it interests you, I have got to the stage of “feeling” as if my body is repairing, like tingles and what someone else called growing pains in all diffferent places, plus the weight I gained is redistributing. One of the main areas I can feel this repair is on my ongoing tilted sacrum issue (which had a knock on effect to many other body parts and functions, even carrying my baby breech). Anyway, it feels like it could be healing and is a lot better since all this 180 stuff came along.


    That is a good question. I think it can. I have a book called 8 steps to a pain-free back, which I got for my occasional low back pain issues. The author talks about how poor posture & moving the wrong way causes stress on our bodies because we are not using the right muscles. When we make these corrections we have better circulation, better alignment, breathe better. Sounds like a connection to me.


    I’d imagine that a head forward, chin down posture could put pressure on the thyroid. Slumping forward could put pressure on the stomach and other organs of digestion. Pure speculation on my part though.


    In my experience it can. A couple of days ago I had a pelvic issue of misalignment fixed and it was followed by a a marked raise in temperature the next days.


    Posture is surely connected to attitude. Attitude control posture and vice versa, posture can control attitude. Attitude is a result of several hormones acting, so if the posture can control attitude it controls also these hormones, and hormones control metabolism, so I guess we can say that posture is connected to metabolism. I have difficulties to express things like this in english so forgive me if I’m not so precise with examples ot other things, but I hope you catch my ideas. :D


    Thanks for your responses guys! I’ve found this;

    A quote referring to the thyroid;

    Let’s use an example to understand the implications of this. Suppose someone has an under active thyroid. There are many reasons for this and one of the potential ones is bad posture. This is possible as the nerves that supply the thyroid come from the lower neck (C7). If a person has been working a desk job for a long time as an example and now suffers from poor posture and a head that is no longer stacked vertically over their body there will be constant pressure on this nerve to the thyroid. If this goes on long enough wear and tear (osteoarthritis) to the lower neck will occur. In this example we would now have constant pressure on the nerve that would be interfering with the messages to the thyroid resulting in decreased function.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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