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    Wondering whether Dr. G has differing opinions of fish oil specifically during pregnancy. I know individualized need based supplementation is the best way to go, but I’m wondering if there are any base line general recommendations for pregnancy.

    This is my 3rd pregnancy and at 9 weeks (and with both previous kids) I don’t get any morning sickness at all. Last pregnancy I was big on fish oil and then switched to fermented cod liver oil for the fist year of breastfeeding. At this point we’ve kind of ditched the fish oil/FCLO. We get lots of saturated fats (grass fed butter, whole raw milk, full fat dairy, coconut/palm oil) salmon or low mercury tuna a few times per month. PUFAs/LA is overall low but we aren’t militant about it when eating out.

    Right now I take Active B12 with methylated folate, topical magnesium oil daily after showering, chewable multivitamin with methylated folate and low iron, 1000 mg vitamin C (Ester-C cal asc w/bioflavinoids), and 1 mg K2 (Thorne MK-4). I also go through spurts of taking probiotics but I’m not too big on this.

    Anything to add/take away that is beneficial during pregnancy?


    Folic acid supplements is very important during pregnancy time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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