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Pregnancy and vision problem

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    Hi all, I am 7 weeks pregnant and having severe abdominal pain. The pain is more concentrated on the left side of the lower abdominal area. The pain is not constant, where I usually experience it when I make sudden movements. I consulted a doctor and she said that it is normal to have abdominal pain. It is relieved somewhat (but not completely) by sitting up very straight and doing yoga(only prenatal yoga poses). But now, I started getting a low vision problem too. My friend told me that a laser vision correction treatment would be enough to fix this up. Hearing that, my husband has fixed an appointment with an Ophthalmologist in Toronto. But I don’t know whether this kind of treatment can be done during pregnancy as there are many treatments that should be avoided at this stage. Those who know about this, please share your inputs. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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