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Pregnant lady in Pain!

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    Hey, I’m from Toronto. My younger sister Amy is two months pregnant. She has been through physiotherapy till now. She had a spinal injury in a car accident exactly two years back on the new year eve. It took more than a year to cure her wounds and cracks. She has been through the therapy to reduce the back pain and side effects of the surgery. What bothers us now, is her pregnancy has a lot of complications, and can’t continue her therapies like before. She is not ready to give up on her baby. We couldn’t compel her more as we know this is a kind of bliss in her life. She was leading a monotony life all these years. Now she is getting back to her normal life, after getting pregnant. She needs more care and support. We love her unconditionally, but we are afraid sometimes we may fail to provide that best care, we’ve other responsibilities and duties. Her man desires to provide her with the best care like he needs a caregiver, whose only responsibility to look after her. More than a caregiver,that person should treat her like a friend.Her doctor wants to continue her spine therapy because he worries this break in the treatment may severely affect the final result. But what I feel is, it is difficult to strain the body at the early stage of pregnancy. Finally, we’ve decided to appoint a caregiver, who knows baby yoga training. So far I think, which is not that difficult, and no need to strain or stretch like in therapy. I’ve done a little research on this but couldn’t find many opportunities! Yeah, there are still a few companies who provide caregivers to look after pregnant ladies and to train them baby yoga! Could you please help me to find a genuine caregiver for my sister? It’d be a help to my entire family.
    Many thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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