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    I’m not pregnant yet, but I’m currently taking New Chapter’s Whole Food Perfect Prenatal. It’s got a lot of.. stuff in it. It does have great reviews, though I’ve been taking Food Renegade’s Beautiful Babies course and I know she, as well as most WAPF’ers don’t recommend prenatal vitamins. But goodness, with all this sugar and ‘junk food’ (less vegetable oils) I’ve been eating, I feel like I need vitamins..

    I swear, the more you learn, the more you feel like you don’t know. I just want to get pregnant and have a healthy baby! And you know, feel amazing for the rest of my life.. and live to be 100.. and accomplish every goal I’ve ever had since I was 5..

    Opening the wine.. Monday night, doing good :)


    I’m pregnant and I’ve been taking Vitamin Code Raw One for Women as my prenatal. I picked it because it’s food based and I figured the raw meant it was hopefully at least more gently processed than most and it was the ONLY supplement I could find locally that used folate instead of folic acid.

    “I swear, the more you learn, the more you feel like you don’t know.”
    I agree 1000% (yes the extra 0 was intentional)
    I’m not convinced supplements are particularly useful for the body but even with the tight budget we have it seems worth it to me to take for whatever boost it can give me and I figure as long as we’re not heavily dosing with isolated supplements there probably isn’t much harm in them.


    Yes! Thank you for bringing that up.. I checked and I think New Chapter is folate as well, but I didn’t consider that when I bought them. I may switch to Vitamin Code for Women for a little while when I run out, since I’m not actually pregnant yet.. I do like that brand a lot.. and see which one I feel better with.

    In general I don’t like vitamin supplements at all either!


    I second Garden of Life…I find I get issues like nail breakage when I don’t take my prenatals.


    I’m now 38 weeks pregnant and have taken taking Baby and Me Herb Free and New Chapters. I completely agree about the more you know the more confused you are! For a bit I tried not taking any supplements and tracking my food to see if I was getting in everything and I was except for a one thing and I think I would have needed to eat more potatoes and garbanzo beans, which I did but then I just got sick of trying to manage my diet too much so began to take prenatals to make up for anything I missed.

    I eat a pretty “healthy” diet- pastured eggs, grass-fed butter & grass-fed cheese and yogurt, sprouted grains, grass-fed meat, wild salmon, veggies, fruit, sauerkraut, coconut are pretty much eaten daily. But I don’t follow WAPF and so my butter and coconut levels are way lower than they recommend but the way I eat feels good to me and my baby boy is perfectly healthy.

    Before I got pregnant I ate a lot to bring back my period and while I don’t think I ate too much vegetable oil I definitely ate sugar, white bread, cookies, etc… got pregnant fast and will be giving birth to a healthy boy in less than 2 weeks! Also, my first trimester I was so nauseous that I just ate crackers, cereal, little bit of cheese and whatever I could stomach.

    Another thing, with my first pregnancy I ate a very standard vegetarian diet and I’m sure it included vegetable oil and tons of sugar. I took prenatals and my daughter is more perfect than I could imagine.

    Sorry for the long response I just so know how you feel!


    Hi Saisrice,
    Are you in the LA area? I would love to talk to you about your experience. About a year ago I got off the pill and haven’t had an experience since. I am 32 and my husband and I would like to start trying. Ive had every test under the sun and have done everything to bring it back from dozens of supplements, acupuncture, Paleo eating, no exercise, adding in lots of fats, etc. I have never had an eating disorder, yet I always have been conscious of what I ate. Ive always been relatively thin and no problem with my period prior to being on the pill. However, I am starting to wonder if this whole feeding process might be worth a shot. I scared to gain weight, I am pretty happy where I am and have already gained about 5 poinds. On my 5’1 frame, its a lot. But, reading some of these stories and especially yours is encouraging since at this point, I do not want to have to do any type of fertility treatment to get pregnant. A healthy and natural pregnancy is definetely what I want. My only thing is that I really don’t do well eating grains. When I eat them I get asthma and feel really awful. I know they mention high carbs. Just curious what kind of carbs other than grains I might try eating. Ive started incorporating sweet potatoes and fruit into my diet (which I rarely ate before). Congrats on your pregnancy BTW!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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