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Preorgasmic headaches

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    About 10 years ago I started having preorgasmic headaches. I was really stressed and I started having migraines at the same time. It only lasted for a week or so and then disappeared. The migraines have come and gone very occasionally when I’m stressed, but a couple of days ago the preorgasmic ones reappeared. Previously when I would get them they would ease up and dissipate after climax, but the ones I’ve recently gotten have lasted for several hours after.

    I have just recently started using topical magnesium for tight sore tendons in my feet and was wondering if that might have triggered this to happen. As I know that the dolomite supplementation creates stiffening of muscles I thought it may be the magnesium in that that was the cause.

    Any thoughts or advice?


    Interesting. I doubt it’s the magnesium. If I were to guess I would imagine it’s inflammation due to high levels of cortisol. Pre-climax is when we get a surge of adrenaline in our system, and I’m guessing it might be too much inflammation for your body to take. I would imagine try playing around with anti-inflammatories, or supps to get your cortisol down. I’m assuming this is happening at night? What if you have the orgasm in the morning?


    There are 3 types of Sex headaches:
    “Dull Ache
    This is said to be similar to a tension headache, and starts with a dull ache on both sides of the head that intensifies during sex. A possible cause is involuntary muscle spasms that can occur during sex.

    This severe and throbbing ache occurs right before, during or after an orgasm and is the most common headache associate with sex.

    Upright Ache
    This headache occurs after an orgasm, sometimes arising immediately and sometimes having a delayed onset, but worsening when a person stands up.” -

    I have noticed that if I have gotten a headache during or after sex, it is because I have too much to drink or didn’t eat enough. Have you experience legs shaking? I have also noticed when I do have a headache after sex, my legs will feel shaky.


    Wow great to learn all of this stuff! One of the most pleasurable experiences in life can have some symptoms and it caught me a bit off guard. Typically what happens to me is the opposite but I am glad to know that other experiences may occur.


    I got one again this morning, just to try the theory out :p. The previous one my legs were shaky after, but the morning one I felt fine except for the headache.


    Did you eat before you had sex in the morning? I looked on the internet and saw some interesting things.
    We burn calories while we are sleeping. A 150 lbs women will burn 66 calories every hour of sleep. Keep in mind the calories change according to weight, and men lose more calories then women. So if a woman weighs 150 lbs, and sleeps for 8 hours she has lost 528 calories. –
    Of course we lose calories when we have sex. So based on a 150 lbs woman having sex, she loses 144+ calories a half hour, depending on how physical it is. Any other activity such as kissing, moaning, touching, is additional calories loss to the 144+.
    Again the numbers change according to the weight, and sex. Males lose the most calories.
    I would ask yourself when did you eat dinner last? If you ate dinner at 6pm, stayed up late doing misc things, slept for 8 hours, then had sex. That could be why you are having a headache during and after sex.
    It’s not exactly romantic or in the moment, but I think it would help if you aren’t eating. Keep saltine crackers by your bed. As soon as you wake up, tackle like 5 to 10, not that hard and get busy.
    I guess another way to say it would be. Would you go to the gym for a hard workout, without eating at least 8 hours prior?


    Did you also know, males suffer from sex headaches more than females?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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